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Reconstructing binaries to C for beginners
Hopefully at the end of this small disassembly dump, we will have been able to analyze what is happening in the assembly, and construct accurate C code to complement it.
hacking  reverse_engineering  RE  c-lang  c 
5 days ago by kort
Over The Wire Wargames
The wargames offered by the OverTheWire community can help you to learn and practice security concepts in the form of fun-filled games.
hacking  RE  reverse_engineering  cs  hackme 
22 days ago by kort
This is a simple place where you can download crackmes to improve your reverse engineering skills.
reverse_engineering  RE  hacking  hackme 
22 days ago by kort
UZH - Requirements Engineering Research Group - Research
"Requirements are a mental model of how a system should behave. However, requirements do not simply describe a desired state of reality. They also change or even construct reality. Therefore, work on methods and languages for requirements modeling lies at the very core of requirements engineering research. The existing methods for requirements specification are far from being completely satisfactory. Methods widely used in industry have serious weaknesses, both in modeling paradigms and in the preciseness of their definition. Formal specification techniques, on the other hand, are too complicated and too expensive for broad industrial application. This motivates our research in requirements modeling, which was the core topic of our research for many years."
requirements  re  constraints  visualization  design  formalization  formal  communication  person  university  paper 
5 weeks ago by jwh
Houston, one year after Hurricane Harvey, is at a crossroads.
The new owner, an Arizona homebuilder called Meritage Homes, could terraform the flood plain into 100 acres of dry land ready for 900 houses selling for about $400,000 a piece. Approximate revenue: $360 million. Homebuyers with FHA mortgages wouldn’t be required to buy flood insurance or grapple with the fears that come with living on a flood plain every time the sky darkened. The new houses, perched on fill more than 2 feet above the safer 500-year flood mark, were expected to stay dry in a major storm. But if the water that had once sat on the golf course went downstream, where would it end up?
RE  tx.hou 
6 weeks ago by meemiko

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