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digitalbazaar/jsonld.js: A JSON-LD Processor and API implementation in JavaScript
A JSON-LD Processor and API implementation in JavaScript - digitalbazaar/jsonld.js
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10 days ago by orlin
The Welcome page in explains what a 'triple-tag' is [a *very basic* intro to ], but cleverly wri…
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25 days ago by danbri
AtomGraph/CSV2RDF: Streaming, transforming CSV to RDF converter
Streaming, transforming CSV to RDF converter

Reads CSV/TSV data as generic CSV/RDF, transforms each row using SPARQL CONSTRUCT or DESCRIBE, and streams the output triples. The generic CSV/RDF format is based on the minimal mode of Generating RDF from Tabular Data on the Web.

Such transformation-based approach enables:

building resource URIs on the fly
fixing/remapping datatypes
mapping different groups of values to different RDF structures
CSV2RDF differs from tarql in the way how mapping queries use graph patterns in the WHERE clause. tarql queries operate on a table of bindings (provided as an implicit VALUES block) in which CSV column names become variable names. CSV2RDF generates an intermediary RDF graph for each CSV row (using column names as relative-URI properties) that the WHERE patterns explicitly match against.
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26 days ago by rybesh
Generating RDF from Tabular Data on the Web
This document defines the procedures and rules to be applied when converting tabular data into RDF. Tabular data may be complemented with metadata annotations that describe its structure, the meaning of its content and how it may form part of a collection of interrelated tabular data. This document specifies the effect of this metadata on the resulting RDF.
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26 days ago by rybesh
Tarql: SPARQL for Tables – Tarql – SPARQL for Tables: Turn CSV into RDF using SPARQL syntax
Tarql is a command-line tool for converting CSV files to RDF using SPARQL 1.1 syntax. It’s written in Java and based on Apache ARQ.
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26 days ago by rybesh
Love this article....I am not an academic. Don't have a PhD. I Created an app with a few really bright people…
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28 days ago by danbri
You too can build a bacterial graph using . and . data by running a see…
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4 weeks ago by danbri

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