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Knowledge Graphs - one of Emerging Technology Trends 2018
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2 days ago by danbri
main goal of this online demo is to validate RDF data using either SHACL (Shapes Constraint Language) and ShEx (Shape Expressions),
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6 days ago by philbarker
Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL)
This document defines the SHACL Shapes Constraint Language, a language for validating RDF graphs against a set of conditions. These conditions are provided as shapes and other constructs expressed in the form of an RDF graph. RDF graphs that are used in this manner are called "shapes graphs" in SHACL and the RDF graphs that are validated against a shapes graph are called "data graphs".
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8 days ago by alphajuliet
. opening the session at while rocking a sticker on his laptop!
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14 days ago by danbri
Schema Markup Guide for Dummies:2018| An MRS Guide
This is a pretty good specimen of JSONLD-without-RDF.
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5 weeks ago by rybesh
SPAR Ontologies - FaBiO
[FaBiO](/ontologies/fabio) allows one to describe information related to a bibliographic entity such as the following one: >Pompeu Casanovas, Núria Casellas, Christoph Tempich, Denny Vrandečić, Richard Benjamins (2007). OPJK and DILIGENT: ontology modeling in a distributed environment. via Pocket
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5 weeks ago by kintopp

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