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Common Oyster Preparations
Oysters, in particular, are a dish that many people love to order up when in the mood for seafood, especially considering the health benefits that come along with oysters.
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9 days ago by Adventure_Web
DxO vs Lightroom vs Capture One Pro – which is best? – Page 2
Of course, if you just want passable images, by all means use LR and etc. All you’ll achieve is a confusion of pathways through endless edits, which you will soon find inconsistant and unrepeatable, as each poorly understood modification subtracts from your data and has a knock-on effect to each sucessive destruction.
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4 weeks ago by foliovision
DXO Pro 11 v CaptureOne 10.1 v Lightroom – Simon Cooper Media
Capture One V10.1 is really very good. If you can live with the overly black and non-standard interface with it’s orange accents. I do like orange but the sliders are still way too skinny and pop-overs and dialogues like the import box is all the same tone so it’s impossible to see where the main interface starts and the import one ends. Bad UI design as far as I’m concerned.in my opinion.
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4 weeks ago by foliovision

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