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"I believe this day past may have been the most peaceful I've ever spend in your company, Vryce," Gerald said lightly into the quiet. "It's been pleasant, if somewhat unnerving."
Category:Fanfiction  fandom:ColdfireTrilogy  Length:5-10K  Genre:Futuristic/AU  Genre:Romance  Rating:R  character:Damien  pairing:Gerald/Damien  q**** 
2 days ago by ofendlessstars
The strange ways of humans by foggysundays
The Winchesters are in trouble. Again. To prevent them from killing themselves unintentionally once more, Crowley dispatches one of his hellhounds to keep an eye on them.
Not very happy to leave Hell, the hellhound settles down in the Bunker and tries to figure out what those weird humans are doing all the time and how in the nine circles they´ve managed to survive this long without her.
fanfic  slash  fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean/sam  genre:crackfic  genre:fluff  trope:animals  trope:outside_pov  length:short  rating:r  author:foggysundays  web:ao3 
4 days ago by moonbeamsfanfic
Mr Smith Goes to Jefferson; facetofcathy
Zachariah gets killed before he reveals to Dean Smith who he really is. So Dean Smith and Sam Wesson carry on as they were, as if that was always their life, not knowing who they really are
supernatural  sam_dean  genre:au  au:swesson  boys!dontregaintheirmemories  pining!dean  pining!sam  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:R  author:facetsofcathy  0-5k  challenge:*minor  ~ 
6 days ago by Itsokaydean
Captain’s Log: I am Sly as a Fox - isthatbloodonhisshirt (wasterella) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek wandered into the store with him, some of the cashiers cooing at Stiles because, yes, yes, he was very cute, thank you. He was getting more attention as a fox than he’d ever gotten as a human.


He just pouted while being carried through the store, one of the girls helping Derek with what he needed and bringing it all to the cash register for him since he seemed reluctant to loosen his grip on Stiles. He probably didn’t want him wiggling free and wreaking havoc across the store.

He was pretty destructive, he’d admit that.
fic  futurefic  teenwolf  stilesstilinski  derekhale  derek/stiles  scottmcall  magic  rating:r 
12 days ago by starwire
Fic: Definitions of Intimacy
There are many definitions of intimacy. Elizabeth explores some of them in the early days of her marriage to Darcy.
type:fanfic  type:het  book:Jane_Austen  rating:r  pairing:Elizabeth_Bennet/Darcy 
12 days ago by kph2pt0
Alone, Until I Get Home
During a trip to Forest Sauvage, Merlin learns of a plot to overthrow Arthur and bring war to the five kingdoms; and Arthur learns that Merlin has magic.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  pairing:arthur/gwen  rating:r  50000-99999  author:emmbrancsxxo  genre:canonAU 
14 days ago by amoreprofoundbond
American Gods (TV) - Shadow/Sweeney -- points bought
“The first time we met, I beat the shit out of you.”

“Debatable.” Sweeney tilted his head the other direction. “I’ve had worse times with uglier is all I’m saying.” He sighed and pinched the bridge of his healing nose. “If you aren’t interested…”

“I’m not.” The trouble was the opposite. The trouble was he did want it. The trouble was he knew how complicated shit like this could be.
genre:pwp  pairing:shadow/sweeney  relationship:first-time  fandom:americangods  trope:coda  fic  trope:made.them.do.it  rating:r 
15 days ago by rahmbo
crush., by bitterheart
A series of events, from Ramuda meeting Jakurai to Ramuda turning into someone Jakurai could hate. (Or, five things Ramuda crushed and one thing he didn't.)
fandom:hypnosis.mic  pairing:jakurai/ramuda  type:fic  genre:angst  genre:introspection  genre:alt.events  theme:break-up  theme:five.things  char:ramuda.amemura  char:jakurai.jinguji  timeline:pre-canon  words:5k-10k  rating:r 
17 days ago by muchasabejas
Giving You All You Want and More, by Marks
Even though their three-man thing could probably take down ninety percent of the rap crews out there, that wasn't nearly enough for him.

Ramuda wanted the whole wide world.

Ramuda has a date, lies his way into a military infirmary, rap battles, almost gets killed by Samatoki, and falls in love – not exactly in that order.
fandom:hypnosis.mic  pairing:jakurai/ramuda  type:fic  genre:backstory  genre:first.time  theme:drugs/alcohol  char:ramuda.amemura  char:jakurai.jinguji  char:samatoki.aohitsugi  char:ichiro.yamada  timeline:pre-canon  words:5k-10k  rating:r 
17 days ago by muchasabejas
The Dragon Rises
If Into the Badlands met The Once and Future King, this is the story that would be told:

Merlin has three strikes against him: he's one of the last surviving members of the grove of Ironwood, he's renowned as the dread sorcerer Emrys, and there's a large reward hanging over his head like Damocles' sword. After decades of running, there's nowhere left to go. His dream of peace -- Ironwood's dream -- seems impossible to achieve until he meets the young son of a thane whose greatest secret is a traitorous desire for more than the tyranny that runs rampant throughout the Kingdoms of Albion.

It was disaster that brought the world to this. It's war that will cleanse it of its sins. But it is prophecy that heralds the day when the guardian of the realm can wear his mantle once again, and when the King of Kings will rise to take the throne that is rightly his.
merlin  pairing:merlin/arthur  genre:apocafic  genre:totalAU  100000+  author:footloose  rating:r  genre:bonding/soulmates 
19 days ago by amoreprofoundbond
All Our Tomorrows Thrown Away; teand
John discovers his sons are finding comfort in each other and while he almost understands why, he can't allow it to go on.
supernatural  sam_dean  established!relationship  genre:angst  john!findsout  bamf!John  pre-series  havepdf  archive:ao3  rating:R  author:teand  0-5k  challenge:*minor 
25 days ago by Itsokaydean
Mercury, Salt, and Sulfur; pyrebi
Hell and alchemy go hand in hand, see. It’s just a different sort of hell. Tag to 3.15 "Time Is On My Side."
supernatural  sam&dean  genre:angst  genre:horror  s3  3.15!coda  zombie!dean  zombie!sam  archive:ffnet  havepdf  rating:R  author:pyrebi  0-5k  ~ 
26 days ago by Itsokaydean
Men's Football RPF - Pique/Sese, Marcelo/Luka -- Unburied Hatchets
Having to work with the enemy is bad enough, but having to work with the enemy after jerking off to his dick pics is a special kind of hell.
fandom:sports  trope:office.job  genre:schmoop  relationship:first-time  trope:outsider.pov  genre:romance  genre:humor  pairing:misc  @wip  fic  genre:au  rating:r  trope:coming.out.reveals  ~futbol  trope:chat 
29 days ago by rahmbo

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