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moOde OS - spotify-web-connect install instructions and required files. - RafaPolit/
moodeaudio  moode  spotify  connect  howto  hifi  diy  raspberry-pi 
7 days ago by kaplas
Zynthian: the Open Synth Platform
Zynthian is an Open Synth Platform based in Raspberry Pi, Linux and Open Source Synthesizers
audio  hardware  raspberry-pi 
8 days ago by jabbrwcky
AirPlay with Shairport » Raspberry Pi Geek
$ sudo cp scripts/debian/default/shairport /etc/default/
software  development  raspberry-pi  airplay  apple  music  audio 
12 days ago by jbmorley
E-paper calendar powered by Raspberry Pi
hardware  calendar  hacks  raspberry-pi 
18 days ago by whargrove

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