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I celebrated Native American Heritage Month by ruining a comedy podcast
I had two options in responding to this ill-conceived invitation. I could say no, and kick the can down the road for the next unsuspecting Native guest, passing on a legacy of microaggressions for future Native comedians to deal with from here to eternity. Or I could go on the show and risk my career.

The easy and all too common thing to do when confronted with this type of racial misstep would be to screencap the invitation, post it on Twitter, and bathe myself in internet mob justice like hot shower water on a cold morning. The hard thing to do would be to calmly educate Nick, Heather, Matt, and their listeners about why what they did was wrong. The first option is tempting, but dunking on people won’t change their minds. The second option, to have a serious dialogue, is harder than beating Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania with my hands tied behind my back. Would Nick and Heather even engage in this difficult conversation or would they brush if off like the millions of internet commenters who treat even the smallest amount of criticism like Dracula treats garlic? I had one shot at this, and if I wanted the conversation to be anything less than a total disaster, I had to thread a needle the size of an anthill with a piece of thread thicker than the Golden Gate Bridge.
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7 days ago by owenblacker
Higher rates of unacknowledged rape among men: The role of rape myth acceptance. - PsycNET
Although a few existing studies suggest that men are less likely to acknowledge rape than women, limited research has been dedicated to understanding rape acknowledgment among men. The present study examined rape myths as a potential mechanism that may account for higher rates of unacknowledged rape among male survivors. The participants included 307 rape survivors who completed an online survey of unwanted sexual experiences, rape acknowledgment, and rape myth rejection. Male rape s...
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17 days ago by po
please unroll this magnificent thread on women and evidence in Indian courts
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18 days ago by Varna
Emilia Clarke’s awful Game of Thrones experience is proof that nude scenes need to change | The Independent
"In a conversation between Sansa and the Hound in the eighth and final series, she tells him that if she hadn’t been raped, or suffered myriad other horrors, she wouldn’t be such a strong, confident woman. What the writers failed to realise was that Sansa was strong in spite of being sexually assaulted, not because of it. This is the essence of survival."

Jfc, we need more women telling their own stories.
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20 days ago by cmananian

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