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I Do Not Like Your Ransom Scam. I Do Not Like It, SamSam I Am.
An Analytic Story recently released in the Splunk Enterprise Security Content Update (ESCU) app includes searches designed to help detect infection vectors and behavioral signs of this dangerous ransomware, such as writes to system32, writes with common ransomware extensions, batch files under system32, and remote desktop protocol (RDP) brute-force attacks. To leverage this story, as well as the more expanded story entitled "Ransomware," download and install the latest version of ESCU from Splunkbase.
splunk  ransomware  analytics  cybersecurity  rdp 
3 days ago by bwiese
Healthcare Hardest Hit by Cyberattacks, Data Breaches in 2018, Apr 2019
"Healthcare was the leading industry for cyberattacks and data breaches last year, making up 41 percent of cyber incidents tracked by specialty insurer Beazley. "

"Beazley found that most common cause of a healthcare data breach was unintended disclosure by an employee, accounting for 31 percent of cyber incidents in the sector, although incidents of hack or malware attacks increased by 10 percentage points compared to 2017 to 30% of the total."
healthcare  cybersecurity  ransomware 
16 days ago by pierredv
Ransomware Behind Norsk Hydro Attack Takes On Wiper-Like Capabilities | Threatpost Mar 2019
"Researchers are still looking for answers when it comes to LockerGoga’s initial infection method – and what the attackers behind the ransomware really want."
hacking  ransomware  NorskHydro  malware 
17 days ago by pierredv
stat 3: Only 24% of attacks are reported to authorities, meaning the ransomware epidemic is bigger than…
Ransomware  from twitter
22 days ago by somait
Norsk Hydro will not pay ransom demand and will restore from backups
Just remember that every time you hear about a company paying ransomware demands, it probably means they have outdated/nonesistent backups. I know it's more complex on a large scale IT network, but you really should back up.
backup  ransomware  malware 
25 days ago by ttscoff
Norsk Hydro cyber attack: What's new? - Help Net Security Mar 2019
Norwegian aluminum producer Norsk Hydro ASA was hit by ransomware-wielding attackers early this week.

“As best we can tell now, it appears the adversary likely compromised Active Directory at Norsk to use legitimate means to spread the ransomware widely and quickly."
ransomware  cybersecurity  NorskHydro 
25 days ago by pierredv
Hated and hunted: the ransomware cracker • BBC News
Joe Tidy:
<p>[Fabian Losar's] unassuming terraced house on the outskirts of London has no decorative furnishings at all. No pictures or paintings adorn the walls. No lamps or plants. The shelves are empty except for a collection of Nintendo games and some computer coding manuals.

He owns one board-game called Hacker: The Cyber Security Logic Game, which he admits he’s very good at - although he’s only ever played it alone. In short, his home isn’t very homely but this cheery, energetic young German doesn’t seem to mind. He even admits to spending “98%” of his time at home as he works from his office upstairs.

“I’m one of those people who if I don’t really have a reason to go outside, I won’t,” he says.

“I don’t really like to leave the house unless I have to. I do nearly all my shopping online and get everything delivered. I don’t really like too many things around as I spend nearly all of my time working.”

Strangely, Fabian has chosen the smallest room in his house to set up his office. This is where, with the curtains closed, he toils away for most of his waking life gaining grateful fans and hateful, dangerous enemies around the world.

He works remotely for a cyber security company, often sitting for hours at a time working with colleagues in different countries.

When he’s “in the zone”, the outside world becomes even less important and his entire existence focuses on the code on his screen. He once woke up with keyboard imprints all over his face after falling asleep during a 35-hour session.

All of this to create anti-ransomware programs that he and his company usually give away free. Victims simply download the tools he makes for each virus, follow the instructions and get their files back. You can see how he has built up such a vengeful group of angry cyber criminals.</p>

Losar has moved to an "unknown location" since he spoke here. You can imagine there are some people who really wish very bad things for him.
internet  ransomware  virus  hacking 
4 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Jackson County, Georgia, not wanting to be the next Atlanta, negotiated a $400,000 payment to decrypt t…
ransomware  from twitter_favs
5 weeks ago by oates

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