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Randomize your MAC address using NetworkManager - Fedora Magazine
Today, users run their notebooks everywhere. To stay connected you use the local wifi to access the internet, on the couch at home or in a little cafe with your favorite coffee. But modern hotspots track you based on your MAC address, an address that is unique per network card, and in this way identifies your device. Read more below about how to avoid this kind of tracking.

Why is this a problem? Many people use the word “privacy” to talk about this issue. But the concern is not about someone accessing the private contents of your laptop (that’s a separate issue). Instead, it’s about legibility — in simple terms, the ability to be easily counted and tracked. You can and should read more  about legibility. But the bottom line is legibility gives the tracker power over the tracked. For instance, timed WiFi leases at the airport can only be enforced when you’re legible.

Since a fixed MAC address for your laptop is so legible (easily tracked), you should change it often. A random address is a good choice. Since MAC-addresses are only used within a local network, a random MAC-address is unlikely to cause a collision.

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Storm -- A Modern Probabilistic Model Checker
Storm is a tool for the analysis of systems involving random or probabilistic phenomena.
storm  model  checker  probability  random  tool  analysis  programming 
9 days ago by vicchow
Contribute to mn3007/creativeCoding development by creating an account on GitHub.
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15 days ago by ashwath22
(2) Meris Ottobit Jr, Polymoon and Mercury7 IN STEREO - Ambient bliss awaits! - YouTube
Short video on combining 3 Meris pedals, so you have Ottobit with reverb, delay, etc.
ottobit  meris  delay  video  pedal  bit  random  stutter  glitch 
21 days ago by jaltcoh
Unsplash Source API
Simple embedding for Unsplash photos. For a more advanced integration, see Unsplash API.
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23 days ago by spaceninja

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