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Griffith Observatory TV
For watching lunar eclipse Jan 20 - 21 2019.
16 hours ago by higbeem
benas/random-beans: Because life is too short to generate random Java beans by hand..
Random Beans is a library that generates random Java beans. Let's say you have a class Person and you want to generate a random instance of it, here we go:

Person person = random(Person.class);
java  generator  testing  pojo  random 
2 days ago by pipthepixie
Podam - Welcome to Jemos PODAM (POjo DAta Mocker)
PODAM is a lightweight tool to auto-fill Java POJOs with data. This comes handy when developing unit tests. Thanks to PODAM users now have a one-liner that does all the work them.
java  pojo  testing  random 
2 days ago by pipthepixie
PRNG-predicting bot ascends in Nethack in 7 minutes 15 seconds
This is a really amazing hack!
So, we could now go from starting inventory to RNG-seed in no time, but we still had to ascend. While we could write a simple “wish”-bot, get +127 Magicbane and then ascend by hand from there, achieving both fastest realtime and lowest turn count in the same game would not be easy.

First idea was to start a NAO game, fetch the seed, then saving and perfecting the seed offline. It was quickly ruled out though as the game is reseeded each time it is started (i.e. when you load your game).

Loooong story short, we wrote a bot. You had to play the first turns (offline) and move her to a non-magic fountain located next to a wall. If you died, no big deal, just retry on the same seed. This is why SWAGGINZZZ stood still for 6 minutes, we had absolutely horrible RNG when trying to get the specific fountain needed on dlvl2.

The fountain is required for wishes. The wall is required to be able to offset the random state without advancing the game state – every time the character attempts to walk into a wall, it calls random() without wasting any in-game time. From the fountain, the bot ascends completely on her own.
nethack  random  prng  games  hacks  cheats  nao  amazing 
8 days ago by jm
SWAGGINZZZ | pellsson.github.io
Beating nethack using RNG prediction
nethack  game  random 
8 days ago by farktronix
Restore your Mac from a backup - Apple Support
Learn how to transfer all files from your Time Machine backup to your Mac.
10 days ago by feifeirun
Generating Random Data in Python (Guide) – Real Python
Here, you’ll cover a handful of different options for generating random data in Python, and then build up to a comparison of each in terms of its level of security, versatility, purpose, and speed.
cryptography  Python  random  number  RNG  generator  tutorial 
13 days ago by areich
The Cicada Principle and Why It Matters to Web Designers
What does the life cycle of periodical cicadas, Euclidean number theory and web design have on common?
css  patterns  random  webdesign  webdevelopment  background  tiling 
14 days ago by garrettc

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