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Tracking Airplanes on a Raspberry PI | Electronic Adventures with Sopwith
Known as the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast System (ADS-B), an airplanes’ heading, speed, altitude, GPS position, flight number, and squawk ID are repeatedly broadcast.

Oh – and one more thing. This project would be a great way to get kids working with a Raspberry Pi. Buy a kid a DVB-T and have some fun.

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ADS-B dump1090
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Another tax on the poor: Surrendering privacy for survival
Undocumented immigrants, day laborers, homeless people, and those with criminal convictions suffer from another data extreme: living beyond the reach of the data collection systems needed to thrive in society, they gain so much “privacy” that they become increasingly invisible. Living in this surveillance gap can be as damaging as living under constant surveillance, and is often a reaction to it.
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ITH - Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport | SkyVector
Single Engine Aircraft Based on Field: 34
Multi-Engine Aircraft Based on Field: 4
Jet Aircraft Based on Field: 11
Helicopters Based on Field: none
Military Aircraft Based on Field: none
Gliders Based on Field: none
Ultralights Based on Field: 1
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Study finds a potential risk with self-driving cars: failure to detect dark-skinned pedestrians - Vox
In addition to worrying about how safe they are, how they’d handle tricky moral trade-offs on the road, and how they might make traffic worse, we also need to worry about how they could harm people of color.

If you’re a person with dark skin, you may be more likely than your white friends to get hit by a self-driving car, according to a new study out of the Georgia Institute of Technology. That’s because automated vehicles may be better at detecting pedestrians with lighter skin tones.
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