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Doug Jones Thinks He’s Supposed To Be Here | FiveThirtyEight
ou probably know Alabama’s new senator, Doug Jones, because he narrowly won a special election last year against a man accused of molesting underage girls. But there are probably quite a few things you don’t know about him. His first name is actually Gordon, and he is left-handed,1 hitches his head a bit when he’s making a point and is what experts on emotions might call an “active listener.”
That last point dawned on me while I was sitting in the back of an SUV as he praised the virtues of the peanut butter factory we’d just been to — “the technology!” — and we jostled along a central Alabama road on a late May afternoon. Throughout a sweaty, hair-netted tour, he had nodded and peered into things and patiently asked questions. (I, meanwhile, had strained to hear over the nut-rumbling din and contemplated a literal death by peanut butter underneath some sort of hot, belching still that smelled unnervingly like cookies.) The visit was a reminder of just how much the life of a politician is filled with interactions that are mundane for him but momentous for the other person; the conscientious officeholder knows that a bit of attentive listening can go a long way. That’s perhaps doubly the case for Jones, an Alabama Democrat wading through his state’s overwhelmingly Republican politics. Sometimes, he might not agree with what people have to say to him, but, by God, Jones will smile, nod and hear them out.
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2 days ago by rgl7194
How to win every arguement about family separation
Hello, it's your friendly neighborhood immigration attorney here to give you what you need to win all of your social media debates with the estimated 1/3 of the U.S. population which still actively supports their government in the kidnapping, torture, and legal orphaning of small children.
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2 days ago by kadymae
White People Are Cowards
Many of those people don’t speak out because they fear alienation more than they hate racism. For them, the fear of having someone furrow their brow in their direction outweighs their hatred of sending children to an underfunded school knowing that they don’t have an equal chance at success because of the color of their skin.

They know the reality of disproportionate police brutality, but they don’t have to worry about their children being shot in the face. Their kids receive good educations. Their kids can wear hoodies whenever they please. Little Amber and Connor’s résumés don’t get tossed in the trash because of their black-sounding names. Their children’s futures are determined only by work ethic and ability. Therefore, they stay silent on the sidelines.

That’s not evil.

That is cowardice.
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2 days ago by laurenipsum
Separating Migrant Families Is Barbaric. It’s Also What the U.S. Has Been Doing to People of Color for Hundreds of Years.
The same conservatives who campaign on cutting costs and reducing deficits then have no problem at all spending multiple billions of dollars on mass incarceration. Executives from the private prison industry have seen their profits explode under Trump, and he has been rewarded handsomely with six-figure donations from their executives. In this country, when you see evil, you can almost always follow the money trail.

What’s happening right now is awful. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts. It didn’t come out of nowhere, though. It came right from the American playbook. This nation has routinely mistreated and abused people of color for hundreds of years — and has willfully separated millions of families, sometimes permanently, for sport and profit, on this soil. Speak out against it. Organize against it. But just know that what you are seeing has deep roots.
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2 days ago by jbrennan
Immigration Myths and Global Realities - The New York Times
“The overestimates are largest among particular groups: the least educated, workers in low-skill occupations with lots of immigrants, and those on the political right.”
Immigration  Globalization  Climate  Demographics  Racism  Xenophobia 
3 days ago by Membranophonist
Fred Clark on Twitter: ""I don't care if you're GREEN or PURPLE ..." There's an 87 percent chance the sentiments expressed following this phrase will be enthusiastically racist."
“‘I don’t care if you’re GREEN or PURPLE …’

“There’s an 87 percent chance the sentiments expressed following this phrase will be enthusiastically racist.”
racism  twitter  2018  green  purple 
3 days ago by handcoding
Thread by Dr. Katherine Crocker: Against Empathy, Instead Cultivate Belief

So I never thought I’d be logging back into a social media platform to write a thread best named summarized as “Against Empathy.” But here we are.

Cultivate empathy, fine, okay, do it.
But do it for the people who have less power than you do.
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3 days ago by yolandaenoch

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