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Moderating the Hacienda: How Not to Run a Convention – VRV Blog
when I ran panels and talks, nearly every panelist I had was white. I mostly know white people. As with my panels, it’s not that I’m not I’m actively avoiding people of color—it’s that I kept finding myself in spaces full of white people and failing to ask basic questions like “Why aren’t there any people of color here? Why do I only ever meet white people? How can I address feelings of exclusion?”

You do not need to have done anything actively hostile to nonetheless be reinforcing racism. Simply not asking these questions does it.
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ISAR - African American Racism in the Academic Community
Barry Mehler, "African American Racism in the Academic Community." First published in The Review of Education 15 # 3/4 (Fall 1993). Revised and republished as "Addressing the Problem of African-American Racism in Academia," in Martyrdom and Resistance (Nov.-Dec. 1993). Slightly revised for posting.
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San Francisco statue that some call racist is removed
A 19th-century statue near San Francisco's City Hall that some said is racist and demeaning to indigenous people was removed early Friday.

A group of Native Americans chanted, beat drums and burned sage as the workers used a crane to take down the “Early Days” statue depicting a Native American at the feet of a Spanish cowboy and a Catholic missionary. It was part of group of bronze statues near City Hall that depict the founding of California.

Native American activists had tried to have the statue removed for decades. They renewed efforts last year after clashes broke out across the U.S. over Confederate monuments.

The San Francisco Board of Appeals voted unanimously Wednesday for the removal of the statue, which was part of the Pioneer Monument first erected in 1894.
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