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Young Jean Lee’s Unsafe Spaces - The New York Times - www.nytimes.com
“Identity politics saved my life,” Lee told me more than once. It gave her the language to understand the racism she encountered as a child growing up in small-town Washington State. But its rhetoric has curdled, she feels. “It’s like you’re good or you’re evil; you’re a queer woman of color or you’re some version of entitled privileged person,” she said. “I feel like compassion is very out right now. Curiosity is out. What’s in is condemnation and punishment. Now is not the moment for nuance; people do not want it.”

Facebook is “a huge part” of her process, she said, a kind of crowdsourced dramaturgy. She runs lines by her friends, finds readers for scripts, does a little needling. Lately, as she works on her new play on class, her posts have sounded like this: “Who are my Facebook friends who identify as Marxist, Socialist and/or Communist? I’m always a little confused when people identify that way, especially if they are middle to upper class and involved with elite institutions. Does it mean you wish someone would take a bunch of your money away and redistribute it? That you are actively involved in organizing solidarity strikes? Is there any praxis required, or is it a label for an intellectual position? Not trying to be snarky, just trying to figure out if I’m a Marxist or not.”
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Adrian Piper’s Show at MoMA is the Largest Ever for a Living Artist. Why Hasn’t She Seen It? - The New York Times
Long interview/profile of Adrian Piper, artist and philosopher whose work deals with race in interesting, baffling ways.
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He thought white men were vanishing from TV. I disagreed. So we conducted an experiment. - The Washington Post
Refreshing! => A great example of how imagination becomes "reality" and how intelligent conversation led to new conclusions
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My six years covering neo-Nazis: 'They're all vying for the affections of Russia' | Books | The Guardian
You write in your book: “The far right in America, at least the incarnation I spent years covering, is destined to fail … [but] white supremacy is doing just fine without the far right.” What did you mean by that?

You just have to look at the world we live in. Look at the prison system, look at the rate we’re incarcerating people of color. The system is perfectly rigged to benefit white people. So that’s why I think this very open form of nationalism and white supremacy isn’t going to work, because there is no need for it.
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Tencent’s guide to gaming lingo calls unlucky players "Africans" | Abacus
Wait a minute. Are you telling me that non-whites can be racist too? You cray cray.
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