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Author Interview With Rich Milner: "Reimagining 'Classroom Management' for Equity" - Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo - Education Week Teacher
Rich Milner agreed to answer a few questions about his recent book, "These Kids Are Out Of Control" Why We Must Reimagine "Classroom Management" For Equity (co-authored with Heather B. Cunningham, Lori Delale-O'Connor, and Erika Gold Kestenberg).
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Minimum Wages and Racial Inequality | Ellora Derenoncourt
Using a cross-industry difference-in-differences design, we show that wages rose sharply for workers in the newly covered industries. The impact was nearly twice as large for black workers as for white. Within treated industries, the racial gap adjusted for observables fell from 25 log points pre-reform to zero afterwards.
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Raising Free People | Raising Aware People #LRC2018 - YouTube
"What are your experiments with the intersection of Unschooling / Self Directed Education and Social Justice. And your understanding of this intersection. While, hey are inextricably linked, the practice of unschooling as social justice and raising aware people isn't widely understood, spoken about or shared.

So at Learning Reimagined 2018, we hosted an interactive panel discussion as an introduction to the relationship and practice of the two, with the hope that this will help participants and now viewers to think around these issues and to then discuss and share further in their communities and here with us online so we can learn too.

The panel consisted of a mix of young unschoolers and featured speakers (Akilah Richards, Bayo Akomolafe, Teresa Graham Brett) at Learning Reimagined 2018."
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Conservative Obsession - The Atlantic
The election of the most diverse Congress in history, and the presence of outspoken women of color in a chamber that has been dominated by white men for most of its existence, was bound to provoke these responses. When people of color enter elite spaces, they make those with unearned advantages conscious of how they’ve been favored by the system. That poses a choice to those whose access to such cloistered communities is unquestioned: They can recognize that others might also succeed given the right circumstances, or they can defend the inequities of that system in an effort to preserve their self-image, attacking the new entrant as a charlatan or the group they belong to as backwards. Trump is president in large part because of his ability to speak to this insecurity.
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Opinion | Why We Struggle to Say ‘I Love You’ - The New York Times
For many Asian-Americans, the phrase belongs to the wonderful world of white people we see in the movies and on television.
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