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Confederate Memorials as Instruments of Racial Terror - The New York Times

In the wake of the Charleston massacre, for example, the parks and recreation board of Birmingham, Ala., voted to explore a proposal that would remove a 52-foot Confederate memorial from the entrance of a prominent park and place it with a Confederate heritage group.

Not all monuments warrant that kind of challenge. But those honoring the Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest deserve the backlash they have generated. Forrest presided over the 1864 massacre of Union soldiers, many of them black, at Fort Pillow in Tennessee. He was also a prominent slave trader and served as the first grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Apologists argue that his involvement with the Klan was unimportant because he later adopted more enlightened views. But as the Forrest biographer Jack Hurst writes, by lending his name to the K.K.K. even temporarily, the general accelerated its development. “As the Klan’s first national leader,” Mr. Hurst writes, “he became the Lost Cause’s avenging angel, galvanizing a loose collection of boyish secret social clubs into a reactionary instrument of terror still feared today.”....Critics predictably condemn these efforts as bad-faith attempts to rewrite history. But what’s happening is that communities that were once bound and gagged on this issue are now free to contest a version of history that was created to reinforce racial subjugation.

They are reflecting on how to honor history — including the neglected history of African-Americans — and rightly deciding that some figures who were enshrined as heroes in the past do not deserve to be valorized in public places.
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A Refuge for Racists - The New York Times
JUNE 26, 2015

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Timothy Egan
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Police kill more whites than blacks, but minority deaths generate more outrage: ...
As researchers are quick to point out, FBI data on police shootings by race is notoriously incomplete, which may explain why Peter Moskos, assistant professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York, decided to use figures from the website Killed by Police. Based on that data, Mr. Moskos reported that roughly 49 percent of those killed by officers from May 2013 to April 2015 were white, while 30 percent were black. He also found that 19 percent were Hispanic and 2 percent were Asian and other races. His results, posted last week on his blog Cop in the Hood, arrived with several caveats, notably that 25 percent of the websiteΓÇÖs data, which is drawn largely from news reports, failed to show the race of the person killed. Adjusted to take into account the racial breakdown of the U.S. population, he said black men are 3.5 times more likely to be killed by police than white men. But also adjusted to take into account the racial breakdown in violent
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White Police Chief Loses It and Tells the Blunt TRUTH About Black Crime [VIDEO]
ΓÇ£The greatest racial disparity in the city of Milwaukee is getting shot and killed, hello! 80 percent of my homicide victims every year are African American. 80 percent of our aggravated assault victims are African American.ΓÇ¥ He tore into the the people trying to use a police-involved shooting to push an agenda, instead of facing the real crime that is happening all around them. ΓÇ£Now, they know all about the last three people that have been killed by the Milwaukee police department over the course of the last several years,ΓÇ¥ the upset Flynn stated. ΓÇ£ThereΓÇÖs not one of them, can name one of the last three homicide victims weΓÇÖve had in this city.ΓÇ¥ He continued: ΓÇ£This city is at risk all right ΓÇö but itΓÇÖs not because men and women in blue risk their lives protecting it.ΓÇ¥ The veteran officer then tried to calm himself before finishing up with one final point. ΓÇ£WeΓÇÖre going up there, and thereΓÇÖs a bunch of cops processing the scene of a dead kid. And theyΓÇÖre the ones that are gonna be ou
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NUGENT: Zimmerman verdict vindicates citizen patrols, self-defense | Rare
The jury got it right, and non-racist America rejoices that there is still common sense, honesty and decency aware of identifying justice in this country. America also believes that the entire prosecutorial team should be ashamed of themselves and disbarred for ignoring the obvious and kowtowing to the pure racism that forced the politically correct lie that only black lives killed by non-blacks matter, which is why there are no headlines, no protests, no prosecutions and no Barak Obama or Eric Holder meddling in the nonstop black-on-black slaughter in their gun-free zone of Chicago.
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Our “white people problems” problem: Why it’s time to stop using “white” as a pejorative  | TV | For Our Consideration | The A.V. Club
"To some extent, this is mainly a personal beef. I get annoyed whenever anyone slaps a label on something and then presumes that the label itself says all that needs to be said. Whenever a critic or a potential audience member sniffs about “dad rock” or “chick lit” or “one for the fanboys,” it raises my hackles. If you’d rather not engage with what a piece of art actually is—as in, what it expresses and how well it expresses it—then fine. But don’t presume some kind of superiority because of that choice. One of the biggest fallacies in the way we talk about art is this idea that somehow personal taste equates to quality: That each of us miraculously only enjoys movies and music that are the best of their respective medium, and ergo, any movies and music we don’t enjoy must be terrible."
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Republican Attacks Have Racist Undertones - NYTimes.com
January 3, 2012, 5:36 pm
Nobody Likes to Talk About It, but It’s There
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Perry's Emphasis on Birther Issue: A Wink at the Right? - NYTimes.com
October 25, 2011 | NYT | By MICHAEL D. SHEAR. Perry’s Emphasis on Birther Issue: A Wink at the Right?
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