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Confusion mingles with anger as leafy Esher ponders Brexit | Politics | The Guardian
After talking at length to Raab’s “neglected silent mainstream majority”, I began to appreciate why they might be neglected. What is most notable are the glaring contradictions: May is not up to the job, but she should stick it out. Brexit has been a disaster – and we should get out of Europe as soon as possible. And my personal favourite, that being in the EU has meant, as Hill claims, that the younger generation, including her children, can’t get on the property ladder, followed by the complaint that “property is dropping like a stone round here”.

The cognitive dissonance seems endemic. However, in politics the voters are always right. And while the criticism and analysis heard in Esher may lack a certain intellectual coherence, there is an emotional discontent that is undoubtedly authentic.

Hill describes herself as a Conservative through and through. But, she says: “I’m beginning to think that our politics are trash, we’ve got no leadership and they’re all backstabbers with no integrity.”

That’s something an enemy might say. When it’s coming from a diehard supporter in the sleepy comforts of superbia, the Tories should know they are in trouble.
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