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34096467: No diskutil verbs to create/modify APFS volume reserve/quota values on existing APFS volumes · Issue #18264 · lionheart/openradar-mirror · GitHub
The diskutil apfs has no verbs or documentation indicating how to add or modify the 'reserved space' or quota of an existing APFS volume.

For example, it does not appear possible to create reserved space or specify a quota for the /Volumes/Macintosh HD APFS volume that is created by the OS installer without removing the volume and re-creating it.
mac  afps  quota  reserve 
10 days ago by tinley
How to Manage an APFS Formatted Drive
Size options allow you to set a reserve Size; this is the minimum size the volume will have. Enter the Reserve Size. The Quota Size is used to set the maximum size the volume is allowed to expand to. Both values are optional, if no reserve size is set, the volume will only be as large as the amount of data it contains. If no quota size is set the volume only size limit will be based on the container size and the amount of space taken up by other volumes within the same container. Remember, the free space in a container is shared by all volumes within.

Because any free space within a container is automatically shared with all APFS volumes within the container, there is no need to force the resizing of a volume as was done with HFS+ volumes. Simply deleting data from one volume within a container will make that newly freed up space available to all volumes within.

At the moment there is no method available to change the reserve size or quota size options that are available when an APFS volume is originally created. It is likely the needed commands will be added to diskutil the command line tool used with Terminal at some point in a future macOS release. When the capability to edit the reserve and quota values becomes available we will update this article with the information.
mac  afps  quota  reserve 
10 days ago by tinley
APFS change quota and reserve - Apple Community
According to the man page, you can only set the quota and reserve when adding the Volume. There are no verbs to change the volume once added, short of its roles.
mac  afps  quota  reserve 
10 days ago by tinley
Harvard’s quota on Asians
Back around 1922, Harvard president A. Lawrence Lowell explained by analogy why he was imposing a maximum quota on the soaring number of Jewish admittees to Harvard:

“The summer hotel that is ruined by admitting Jews meets its fate, not because the Jews it admits are of bad character, but because they drive away the Gentiles, and then after the Gentiles have left, they leave also.”
harvard  jews  quota  motivation  quote 
june 2018 by elev8
Uitputting Nederlandse Noordzeequota 3 mei 2018
RT : De laatste update van de uitputting van het Nederlandse Noordzeequota vind je hier: .
noordzee  quota  from twitter
may 2018 by sustainitycoach
The Difficulty with Quotas – Emma Lindsay – Medium
I was reading this article about how Lesbians Who Tech (a tech conference aimed at lesbians) put in a quota system for their speakers. 50% had to be women of color, 20% black and latinx, and 10%…
racism  sexism  quota 
april 2018 by pmigdal
anexia-it/fsquota: Native Go library and CLI for managing filesystem quotas
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
golang  filesystem  quota 
march 2018 by geetarista
View Mailbox Sizes and Mailbox Quotas Using Windows PowerShell
Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | Get-MailboxStatistics | where {$_.StorageLimitStatus -notlike "BelowLimit*"} | Select DisplayName,StorageLimitStatus,@{name="TotalItemSize (MB)";expression={[math]::Round((($_.TotalItemSize.Value.ToString()).Split("(")[1].Split(" ")[0].Replace(",","")/1MB),2)}},@{name="TotalDeletedItemSize (MB)";expression={[math]::Round((($_.TotalDeletedItemSize.Value.ToString()).Split("(")[1].Split(" ")[0].Replace(",","")/1MB),2)}},ItemCount,DeletedItemCount | Sort "TotalItemSize (MB)" -Descending | Export-CSV "C:\My Documents\Exceeded Quotas.csv" -NoTypeInformation
get  mailbox  over  quota  exchange  2010 
january 2018 by jgear

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