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Find Better Questions on Quora
Quora tools: Comparing the stats of hundreds of Quora questions is a pain. Since no one can handle that many browser tabs, it’s best to create a spreadsheet. But that still takes hours. You could ask an assistant to do it for you, or let Find Better Questions do the magic, 100% automatically.
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10 days ago by dberkowitz
What websites let people share, discuss, and rate 'ideas'? - Quora
A Quora list of "idea sites" where people list ideas for products or services.
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4 weeks ago by jeromekatz
This is so wrong 🤕☠️From : Node.js is a widely adopted tool. Perfect for microservices. Node.js is a go-to te…
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5 weeks ago by n8foo
Vikas Dubey's answer to What is Ergodic theory in layman's terms? - Quora
Vikas Dubey
Vikas Dubey, studied at Panjab University, Chandigarh
Answered Mar 12, 2015
Originally Answered: What is ergodicity?
Suppose you want to buy a pair of shoes. Imagine that a shoe shop exists inside your house. Now you can follow two strategies. One you can visit the shop inside your house everyday and eventually you find the best pair of shoes. Another possibility is you take your car and spend a whole day searching every possible shop in your city and immediately buy the best pair. If result is same for the two processes then you can say that this system is ergodic. Entropy works to increase the number of possibilities in a dynamical system.- Rephrased from mathematician Yakov Sinai's interview published in the Newletter of European Mathematical Society.
ergodicity  quora 
5 weeks ago by johndodds
Alan Kay - Quora
Wow Alan Kay has written a bunch of stuff on quora.
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6 weeks ago by chrchr
Gina Vincenza's answer to How do I get out of depression by myself? - Quora
I realized I was surrounded by assholes and unsupportive people so I got rid of anyone who was abusive or contributing to my depression.

I started asking for people who exceeded my expectations, who were more than I thought I deserved, who were supportive and inspired me and had qualities and ways of doing things I admired and wanted to learn how to do for myself to show up in my life. I said things like “what would it take to have some great new friends to show up in my life?” When you ask questions out loud or in your head it will bring you answers and new awareness.
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8 weeks ago by cmananian
Gina Vincenza's answer to They say “living well is the best revenge” what about your life accomplishments proved that people were wrong about you? - Quora
I’m pretty sure my ex bf still has the same stupid job he hates, doing something he never went to college for either.

The moral of the story here, is follow your dreams and the bliss, recognition, fame and fortune will exceed your expectations!

Fashionably Yours,

Gina Vincenza
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8 weeks ago by cmananian
What is the best text editor for web design? - Quora
https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-best-text-editor-for-web-design ;;;
tags: What is the best text editor for web design ? - Quora | webSite webPage ;;;
Vim is the best for me, but if you’re afraid of Vim’s learning curve I’d recommend Atom or Visual Studio Code (VSCode).
What  is  the  best  text  editor  for  web  design  ?  -  Quora  |  webSite  webPage 
8 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
Brian McKay's answer to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said 'It is time that we pay people what they are worth.' How will she do it? - Quora
New Considerations are Starting to Arise: With automation destroying many jobs and retail dying we are soon faced with a future where 40 percent of the workforce isn’t needed. A society cannot survive 40 percent of its people being hungry. Things like guaranteed minimum income have to start being explored. If you’re opposed to people making a minimum wage, you’re definitely opposed to preparing for that future. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

I could keep going and get into GDP impact numbers, but these are the basic points. Basically I believe in a living wage because I am a capitalist and hope to have a society where I can continue to be a responsible one. Sure, I have had periods of true sacrifice to start businesses. That doesn’t mean I expect that from people that don’t have my risk tolerance or make up.
quora  economics  business  politics  alexandriaocasiocortez 
8 weeks ago by cmananian
Benjamin Telford's answer to Who are the best villains in movie/television history? - Quora
Anyway, I’ve babbled for a while, but my point is, the entire movie of Blade Runner gives a valuable lesson on how we can be tricked into complicity. We accept an evil status quo, as long as we never see the real victims of that status quo. Most cyperpunk stories make it stupidly obvious who the villain is, but Blade Runner shows us a world where, secretly, the villains are the heroes and the heroes are the villains. They’re the kind of villains I like.
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8 weeks ago by cmananian

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