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Marginal/QLVideo: This package allows macOS Finder to display thumbnails, static QuickLook previews, cover art and metadata for most types of video files.
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13 days ago by e2b
is a Windows quick look tool. Seer acts just like the one in macOS, but Seer is more powerful, customizable and faster.
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4 weeks ago by der_dennis
SneakPeek Pro – Code Line
"SneakPeek Pro has been a huge time-saver for designers everywhere. We’re continuing that spirit with the completely revamped Quick Look enhancement for Creative Cloud and Creative Suite users. Art View sports a brand new interface and offers great new features like the ability to view spreads, reveal fonts and images in Finder and much more."
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12 weeks ago by handcoding
Quick Look Plugin Adds Pixel Dimensions To Pictures | Cult of Mac
"Written by Mac developer Nyx0uf in order to scratch an itch of his own, qlImageSize replaces the filename of the QuickLooked image with its dimensions in pixels. Currently I have the Finder view of my desktop to show the dimensions under a picture’s thumbnail, but often this info takes a short while to show up.

"If you like Nyx0uf’s free plugin, you might like Code Line’s SneakPeek Photo even more. It costs just $10, and will show you everything about your photo right there in the QL view. It gives you the full EXIF data of the image, as well as a histogram, GPS coordinates, camera data and even a loupe to check the picture close up."
exif  quicklook  mac  osx  macos  jpegs  photography  2013 
12 weeks ago by handcoding
新・OS X ハッキング! (197) 「Quick Look」をもっと快適に | マイナビニュース
ファイルを選択してSPACEキーを押せば内容をプレビューできる「Quick Look」。アプリケーションを起動する必要がないぶん単純かつ迅速、対応アプリケーションを考える必要すらないことがポイントだ。WindowsやLinuxでも類似の機能を実現しようという開発プロジェクトがあるほどだから、その利便性は折り紙付きと言っていい。今回は、より快適にQuick Lookを使うためのメンテナンスと「ひと工夫」の基本を紹介したい。
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november 2017 by oppara
Mothers Ruin Software | Suspicious Package
"Do you know what files that macOS Installer package actually installs?

"Do you know what scripts it runs during installation, and what they do?

"Do you know who the package really came from?

"With Suspicious Package, you can answer these questions and more. Maybe you're quite literally suspicious of a package you've downloaded. Or perhaps you're just curious about what some package does. Or maybe you want to find out after the fact exactly what files a package scattered across your computer. Whatever the reason, Suspicious Package allows you to see inside an installer package. (And it's completely free.)”

(via: https://superuser.com/questions/385/how-do-i-uninstall-and-remove-a-kext-on-mac-os-x)
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october 2017 by handcoding

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