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Performance Calendar » QUIC and HTTP/3 : Too big to fail?!

"Thus, only what they call “idempotent” data can be sent in 0-RTT (meaning it should not permanently change state, e.g., HTTP REST GET but not PUT). Depending on the application, this can severely limit the usefulness of 0-RTT (e.g., a naive IoT sensor using 0-RTT to POST sensor data could, conceptually, be a bad idea)."
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8 days ago by colin.jack
Errata Security: Some notes about HTTP/3
Background on QUIC and TCP. How QUIC modernizes TCP to address modern networking issues in 2018. e.g. mobile
network  tcp  history  quic  http 
21 days ago by jefframnani
ongoing by Tim Bray · Post-REST
More or less all the big APIs are REST­ful these days. Yeah, you can quib­ble about what “REST” means (and I will, a bit) but the as­ser­tion is broad­ly true. Is it go­ing to stay that way forever? Seems un­like­ly. So, what’s nex­t?
http  quic  pubsub  timbray 
22 days ago by dlkinney
I've written a (fairly long) blogpost titled " and : Too big to fail?!" for 's Perfcalend…
HTTP3  QUIC  from twitter_favs
22 days ago by moderation
Some notes about HTTP/3
Robert Graham from ErrataSec on QUIC aka HTTP/3:

'Google (pbuh) has both the most popular web browser (Chrome) and the two most popular websites (#1 Google.com #2 Youtube.com). Therefore, they are in control of future web protocol development.'

Faster connection setup and latency; better bandwidth negotiation when using multiplexing; user-mode stacks by building on UDP and using recvmmsg(); and better mobile support for roaming IPs.
google  http3  quic  protocols  ip 
25 days ago by jm
Errata Security: Some notes about HTTP/3
Mostly about QUIC and some of its advantages. Not super-happy over it all, but QUIC does seem to offer compelling advantages over TCP
programming  networking  quic  standards  http  2018 
26 days ago by mechazoidal

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