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Solved: How to write a JQL to find issues status changed o...
Solved: Hi, How do I write JQL to find a issues status has been changed from ‘Open’ to ‘In Progress’ on last week only(previous week)? My JIRA
jira  jql  status  change  query 
12 hours ago by lgtout
OData query cheat sheet
this is the syntax we are using to create filter queries for mars
filter  query  odata 
6 days ago by cdnewsome
akesterson/dpath-python: A python library for accessing and searching dictionaries via /slashed/paths ala xpath
Basically it lets you glob over a dictionary as if it were a filesystem. It allows you to specify globs (ala the bash eglob syntax, through some advanced fnmatch.fnmatch magic) to access dictionary elements, and provides some facility for filtering those results.
python  data-structure  query  library 
7 days ago by bkittelmann
[Question] How to extend `Query` component · Issue #1980 · apollographql/react-apollo
Within a typescript project I am looking to achieve something like this <UserQuery variables={variables}> {({ data }) => { ... }} </UserQuery /> Following on from the docs I am trying to get UserQuery to extend the Query component in a w...
component  apollo  query  react 
10 days ago by jordan23jy

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