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it doesn't take a scientist
On Wednesday, Yuri skates right in between Viktor and Mila and says, nonchalant. "When I grow up, I'm going to be Yuuri Katsuki's second husband."

Viktor chokes on his own spit.

"What happened to the first one?" Mila asks, amused.

"Nothing you can prove," Yuri says, glancing meaningfully at a wide-eyed Viktor before skating away to the sound Mila's laughter.

(Or: In which Yuri Plisetsky has a crush, Mila Babicheva is a terrible listener, Otabek Altin is an equally terrible advice-giver, and the only possible solution to his predicament is to kill Viktor Nikiforov and marry Yuuri Katsuki himself.)
fanwork  fandom:YuriOnIce  pairing:Yuuri/Yurio  pairing:Yurio/Otabek  rating:pg-13  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:alykapedia  quality:sunfish  extra:crush  extra:friendship  extra:media  extra:podficced! 
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Crouching Tigers
Whatever the hell Yuri had been expected when he finally got around to joining the pig and Victor in the hot springs, it sure as f*** hadn’t been the humongous red dragon tattooed on the pig’s back.

(or: that one in Yuri goes on a journey to figure out why something about Yuuri, the Katsuki family and Hasetsu as a whole seems… Very… Strange. There’s no way in hell Katsudon’s in the yakuza. Right?)
fanwork  fandom:YuriOnIce  pairing:Yuuri/Victor  rating:pg-13  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Mortescryche  quality:sunfish  extra:fatshaming  extra:ocpov  extra:Yakuza!Yuuri  extra:humour  extra:fluff  extra:family  extra:friendship 
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5 Times Shiro Discovered That His Teammates Were Ghouls and 1 Time They Remembered He was Human
Having grown up in Japan, Shiro was used to the anti-ghoul propaganda and the strict lives they had to live through. So, when he moved over to the US to join the Galaxy Garrison, he was very much surprised over the fact that ghouls had actual, proper rights that let them work for the government and go to space.

However, being sent on a mission to space with two mature ghouls and supplies for them was much, much different than being in charge of four teenage ghouls while fighting a galactic empire and having to make do with the supplies that they had on hand.

AKA, Shiro is the only one in the castle-ship who is completely human, and is completely done with no extra fucks to give by the end of it.
fanwork  fandom:TokyoGhoul  fandom:Voltron  pairing:gen  rating:pg-13  length:chaptered  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Skiewrites  quality:sunfish  extra:cannibalism  extra:fivethings  extra:PTSD 
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A Heart of Blades||Cannot Break
In which Yuuri was a Clearer in SAO, and this... Changes things.

(Or the one in which Yuuri decides to try gaming on a whim when he's thirteen, manages to get his hands on SAO, and has to live with its impact and fallout for the rest of his life.)
fanwork  fandom:YuriOnIce  pairing:Yuuri/Victor  fandom:SAO  rating:pg-13  length:chaptered  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Mortescryche  quality:sunfish  extra:crossover  extra:family  extra:PTSD  extra:friendship  extra:characterstudy  Extra:Game  extra:anxiety  extra:fluff 
2 hours ago by opalsong
On Wednesday, Yuri skates right in between Viktor and Mila and says, nonchalant. "When I grow up, I'm going to be Yuuri Katsuki's second husband."

Viktor chokes on his own spit.

"What happened to the first one?" Mila asks, amused.

"Nothing you can prove," Yuri says, glancing meaningfully at a wide-eyed Viktor before skating away to the sound Mila's laughter.

(Or: In which Yuri Plisetsky has a crush, Mila Babicheva is a terrible listener, Otabek Altin is an equally terrible advice-giver, and the only possible solution to his predicament is to kill Viktor Nikiforov and marry Yuuri Katsuki himself.)
fanwork  fandom:YuriOnIce  pairing:Yurio/Otabek  pairing:Yurio/Yuuri  rating:pg-13  length:series  type:prose  site:AO3  author:alykapedia  quality:sunfish  extra:humour  extra:crush  extra:toPodfic 
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KHR Omegaverse
Omegas are inviting. Warm. The heart of pack life. Tsuna never believed he'd be any of those things.

(Omega Tsuna, warm and wonderful but entirely unaware of it, unwittingly draws others to him and inspires unwavering loyalty.)

No Mafia. Tsuna's "Family" is just his patchwork pack of similarly damaged children. Lots of platonic pack feels and bonding. Endgame Tsuna/Hibari.
fanwork  fandom:KHR  pairing:Tsuna/Kyouya  rating:pg-13  length:series  type:prose  site:AO3  author:SEMellark  quality:sunfish  extra:alpha/omega  extra:au  extra:friendship  extra:esteemissues  extra:fluff  extra:bullying  Extra:Abuse  extra:gender 
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Revel In Your Time
Sawada Tsunayoshi is born an Omega in a world that expects nothing from his dynamic except submission. Tsuna is many things – hopeless klutz, booksmart-deficient, heir to a bloodline some people would like to keep secret – but, as it turns out, ‘submissive’ is not one of them.
fanwork  fandom:KHR  pairing:Tsuna/Guardians  rating:r  length:chaptered  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Thai_Tea_Addict  quality:sunfish  extra:alpha/omega  extra:intersex  extra:poly  extra:genderqueer  extra:BAMF!Tsuna 
12 days ago by opalsong
"Master Quest"

"You weren't taking your training seriously, and I decided to take a leaf out of your current favourite manga, Dame-Tsuna. You should recognise the game."

"You didn't." He'd been reading Sword Art Online, and of course Reborn would think that full immersion into a video game was a fantastic idea.
fanwork  fandom:KHR  pairing:gen  rating:pg-13  length:chaptered  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Aoife  quality:sunfish  extra:au  Extra:Game  extra:worldbuilding  Fandom:Zelda:Ocarina 
14 days ago by opalsong
It's a Punch of Affection
The first thing Ben does when they land is punch Klaus.

The second thing he does is hug him.
fanwork  fandom:UmbrellaAcademy  pairing:gen  rating:pg-13  length:oneshot  Length:Short  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Colerate  quality:sunfish  extra:future  extra:family 
14 days ago by opalsong
if i should call you up, invest a dime
Klaus, he reads, fingers shaking along the edge of the page of his sister's book, was a very eccentric child. He could also see ghosts.

This, he thinks, is very spot on.

(Klaus outs himself on live television when he’s fourteen, and the past never really goes away. Publicity's a bitch.)
fanwork  fandom:UmbrellaAcademy  pairing:gen  rating:pg-13  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:ohmygodwhy  quality:sunfish  extra:drugs  Extra:Abuse  extra:comingout 
14 days ago by opalsong
Family Affairs
“This isn’t going to work,” Diego said, once everyone had stopped moaning on the grass and/or throwing up.
fanwork  fandom:UmbrellaAcademy  pairing:Klaus/Diego/Ben  rating:nc-17  length:chaptered  type:prose  site:AO3  author:manic_intent  quality:sunfish  extra:future  Extra:Incest  Extra:TimeTravel 
14 days ago by opalsong
We've All Got a Story
Vanya was never the only one that felt lonely and uncared for in this family. Klaus has some things to say before she tries to bring this world to an end. And hey, maybe those things will convince her not to.
fanwork  fandom:UmbrellaAcademy  pairing:gen  rating:pg-13  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:glowingalienkid  quality:sunfish  extra:angst  extra:drugs  Extra:Abuse 
14 days ago by opalsong
“Why would you do that?” Vanya asks. “After what I did to you-”

“There’s not that many people who can understand how it feels to be raised by Reginald Hargreeves, you know,” Klaus contributes. “If you’re gone too, who are we going to tell our trauma to? A therapist? Ha. Hard pass.”

“But I-” Vanya starts to protest, but then Allison’s arms are slung around her shoulders, and she buries her face in her hair, and for a second Ben lets himself hope everything will be alright in the end.

(Once again, the Umbrella Academy saves the day - not that the day cares much about it one way or another.)
fanwork  fandom:UmbrellaAcademy  pairing:Klaus/Diego  rating:pg-13  length:chaptered  type:prose  site:AO3  author:Utopiste  quality:sunfish  extra:FixIt  extra:mentalhealth  extra:PTSD  extra:family 
14 days ago by opalsong
The Dead Aren't Good Company
They’d been back in time for less than a month when their father forced Klaus back into the mausoleum.
But maybe this time his family can do the right thing.
fanwork  fandom:UmbrellaAcademy  pairing:gen  rating:G  length:chaptered  type:prose  site:AO3  author:RosyPages  quality:sunfish  extra:PTSD  extra:family  extra:trauma  Extra:Abuse 
14 days ago by opalsong
Why'd They Change It, I Can't Say (People Just Liked It Better That Way)
“So,” Klaus announced and clapped his hands together, “What’s the plan, team? Champagne and confetti? Shots? How are we celebrating the not-end of the world?”

“We’re thirteen, dipshit,” Diego responded, and then took a moment to process that for himself. “Fuck.”

Number Five looked like he wanted to say something along the lines of “Now you know how I feel”, but he was man enough not to. Klaus applauded him in his head. He wouldn’t have had the restraint.


Or, the Hargreeves siblings after the apocalypse.
fanwork  fandom:UmbrellaAcademy  pairing:gen  rating:pg-13  length:chaptered  type:prose  site:AO3  author:avalanchecaster  quality:sunfish  Extra:TimeTravel  extra:teambonding  Extra:Abuse  extra:gender 
14 days ago by opalsong
Partners, Parents, or None of the Above
Kenny's mom assuming that Diego and Klaus were A) a couple and B) Number 5's parents was both bemusing and amusing at the time. But that was because it was the only time it had ever happened. Now though? Now they just can't understand why these misunderstandings keep happening.
fanwork  fandom:UmbrellaAcademy  pairing:gen  rating:pg-13  length:chaptered  type:prose  site:AO3  author:DarkFairytale  quality:sunfish  Extra:Pretend!Relationship  extra:humour 
14 days ago by opalsong
A Heated Night
"You wanna tell me what's fucking going on here, Half and Half, cause you look like shit and you smell even worse."

Todoroki has been hiding his omega status for years, but one night his suppressants stop working. Fighting against the heat, Bakugou finds him and attempts to tell him off.
fanwork  fandom:MyHeroAcademia  pairing:Todoroki/Bakugou  rating:nc-17  length:oneshot  type:prose  site:AO3  author:EmeraldWaves  quality:sunfish  extra:alpha/omega 
15 days ago by opalsong
Tsuna’s first thought when he woke up to a white hospital room and the beeping of machines was “at least I’m not in a coffin this time.”

“… What?”

Oh. He’d said that out loud. Reborn would’ve shot him if he’d been there.
fanwork  fandom:KHR  fandom:MyHeroAcademia  pairing:gen  rating:pg-13  length:chaptered  type:prose  site:AO3  author:decay  quality:sunfish  extra:future  Extra:TimeTravel 
15 days ago by opalsong

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