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Software Crisis: The Next Generation — by Chip Morningstar
tl;dr: If you consider the current state of the art in software alongside current trends in the tech business, it’s hard not to conclude: Oh My God We’re All Gonna Die. I think we can fix things so we don’t die.
software  quality  programming  bugs  security 
3 days ago by SirPavlova
Writing Quality Speech/Speech papers
Our speech papers are of high quality. We help students submit presentation papers which supply the relevant information and reveal critical thinking skills.
Writing  Quality  Speech/Speech  papers 
3 days ago by meldaresearch
Quality Custom Research Paper
Research papers 24/7 prices are reasonable and affordable and we value your money hence providing you with services of high quality. We do not charge our clients for bibliography, title page, formatting and email delivery is free.
Quality  Custom  Research  Paper 
4 days ago by meldaresearch
Time for Happiness
Why the pursuit of money isn’t bringing you joy — and what will
time  life  quality  impact 
5 days ago by gilberto5757

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