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Python and Qt simplified. Create a Python GUI in minutes.
fbs lets you release Python GUIs with Qt in minutes instead of months.
python  qt  build 
11 days ago by LBdN
GitHub - lupoDharkael/flameshot: Powerful yet simple to use screenshot software
Powerful yet simple to use screenshot software. Contribute to lupoDharkael/flameshot development by creating an account on GitHub.
linux  apps  screenshot  tools  qt 
19 days ago by ritzlea
Qt Network and JSON example: a simple Hacker News reader
This tutorial will show you how to use Qt Network and JSON to create a simple Hacker News reader based on the Hacker News API. In particular we will be using high level classes of Qt Network to handle HTTP requests. Full project and source code are provided.
qt  http  rest  client  json 
4 weeks ago by nbrunetto
Qt programming for HTTP REST clients - Open Source For You
This article discusses Qt support for connectivity to IoT platforms like ThingSpeak using HTTP REST APIs. It also focuses on handling JSON data in terms of encoding, parsing, URL encoding and forming query strings.
qt  http  rest  client  json 
4 weeks ago by nbrunetto

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