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8.1. datetime — Basic date and time types — Python 2.7.15 documentation
The following is a list of all the format codes that the C standard (1989 version) requires, and these work on all platforms with a standard C implementation
1 hour ago by e_t_k
A familiar HTTP Service Framework — responder 1.1.2 documentation
The primary concept here is to bring the niceties that are brought forth from both Flask and Falcon and unify them into a single framework, along with some new ideas I have. I also wanted to take some of the API primitives that are instilled in the Requests library and put them into a web framework. So, you’ll find a lot of parallels here with Requests.
web  python  framework 
2 hours ago by ssorc
Interacting with Plotted Functions Using Jupyter Notebooks ipywidgets with matplotlib – Water Programming: A Collaborative Research Blog
When exploring the properties of an individual function or a system of equations, I often find myself quickly writing up code in a Jupyter Notebook (overview) to plot functions using matplotlib. While a previous blogpost by Jazmin has gone over creating interactive plots with matplotlib, being able to actively change variables to quickly explore their…
jupyter  interactive  chart  python 
3 hours ago by gilberto5757
REST API — xlwings dev documentation
Automatic "REST" API for an excel spreadsheet. Bonkers.
excel  rest  python 
4 hours ago by brunns

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