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A Progressive Web Application with Vue JS, Webpack & Material Design [Part 3]
This article is part of a serie that aims to build a basic but complete Progressive Web Application with VueJs, Webpack & Material Design, step-by-step and from scratch. If you have not read them…
vuejs  pwa 
yesterday by aghecht
CSS { In Real Life }
gen article about PWAs - when it's worth considering and when not worth the time investment
webdesign  web  design  pwa  progressive  app 
yesterday by piperh
Offline POSTs with Progressive Web Apps – Web Dev @ Microsoft – Medium
Caching POST requests is, at the time of this writing, an open issue in the Service Worker spec. A lot of people are requesting the ability to cache POSTs, but until it arrives, we have to rely on workarounds. As part of my internship this summer, I came up with a way to store POST data locally if the user is offline (without using the Cache API), and then send the data to the server as soon as internet connection is regained.
tech-stuff  coding  pwa 
2 days ago by matias
ServiceWorker Cookbook
"The Service Worker Cookbook is a collection of working, practical examples of using service workers in modern web sites." - mozilla
pwa  service-workers  howto  resource 
3 days ago by marius.marinescu
We built a PWA from scratch - This is what we learned
"To try out these abilities we built a Progressive Web App (PWA) from scratch. We already had a great idea for an app." - 14islands
pwa  howto  tutorial 
3 days ago by marius.marinescu
Service Worker gotchas
Explanations on "quite a few gotchas to grasp in order to get Service Worker working correctly…" - Kollegorna
service-workers  resource  pwa 
3 days ago by marius.marinescu
Issues with PWAs in iOS at 12.0.1
pwa  ios 
3 days ago by wrumsby
Pinafore – Home
An alternative web client for Mastodon, focused on speed and simplicity.
mastodon  web  client  pwa 
5 days ago by e2b
Progressive Web-First Apps – Ben and Dion – Medium
You have a cool idea, and you don’t think “there is an app for that” yet. The path is clear, right? Build an iOS app, because the VC you are pitching has one in their pocket, and you want high ARPU customers.
mobile  pwa 
5 days ago by kogakure

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