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RT : No fun!
Johnny Rotten the day after the Sex Pistols broke up, 15th January 1978, photo by Michael Jang

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4 days ago by bowbrick
This is a chord, this is another
“I just learned ‘Imagine’ on the piano,” tweeted @acupoftea yesterday, “and I would like to officially rescind any energy I've spent being impressed with people
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7 days ago by sjmarshy
Hopepunk can’t fix our broken science fiction.
@al3x This reminded me of something we talked about 4 years ago, cheers~
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8 days ago by mathpunk
What You Can Learn From the Solarpunk Movement | Rewire
The solarpunk movement has a diverse real-world global following that promotes decentralized infrastructure, community engagement and a DIY attitude.
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21 days ago by ivar
RT : A very happy New Year folks!
We’ve organised a busy January here’s the line up;
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22 days ago by sarcas

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