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A typesetting system similar to TeX, but looks a bit simpler. Intended to produce PDFs.
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yesterday by awhite
kleiner Dienst, zum veröffentlichen kurzer Texte, ähnlich Telegraph
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kleiner Online-Dienst zum schnellen und unverschnörkelten Veröffentlichen von kurzen Texten; von telegram getragen
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yesterday by pin.mel
The 'Future Book' Is Here, but It's Not What We Expected | WIRED
Our Future Book is composed of email, tweets, YouTube videos, mailing lists, crowdfunding campaigns, PDF to .mobi converters, Amazon warehouses, and a surge of hyper-affordable offset printers in places like Hong Kong.

For a “book” is just the endpoint of a latticework of complex infrastructure, made increasingly accessible. Even if the endpoint stays stubbornly the same—either as an unchanging Kindle edition or simple paperback—the universe that produces, breathes life into, and supports books is changing in positive, inclusive ways, year by year. The Future Book is here and continues to evolve. You’re holding it. It’s exciting. It’s boring. It’s more important than it has ever been.

But temper some of those flight-of-fancy expectations. In many ways, it’s still a potato.
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2 days ago by gpe
Substack makes it simple for a writer to start an email newsletter. It’s free and you can add paid subscriptions whenever you want. Just sign up, connect your bank account, and get to work.
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2 days ago by gpe
Year of the Meteor
In addition to the print offerings, Year of the Meteor is also an email newsletter, inaugurated with this message.
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2 days ago by fdedic
The Scientific Paper Is Obsolete
"maniac in the middle"

"I spoke to a neuroscientist-turned-software-developer who contributed to Jupyter, who told me that the professor in charge of his former lab was originally an electrophysiologist—he actually measured neuronal activity with implanted electrodes. 'This kind of data is basically so costly, so expensive, and so good,' he said, that nobody would ever share it. 'You collect one batch of data and you can mine it for the rest of your career.'"
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2 days ago by cosmic — Webflow Templates, Assets & Guides
Коллекция шаблонов и других вспомогательных ресурсов для Webflow.
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2 days ago by jvetrau
home of a magazine, classes, writing, and resources for writers, with an emphasis on storytelling and its ability to evoke empathy
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4 days ago by GreggInCA

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