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Picture a Leader. Is She a Woman? - The New York Times
Picture a Leader. Is She a Woman?
Research shows how most people will draw a man, how even women who speak up with great ideas aren’t seen as leaders, and the impact of backlash effect.
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1 hour ago by rasagy
WorkLife with Adam Grant: When work takes over your life | TED Talk
“Downtime for the human operating system is not a bug, it’s a feature.”
When work takes over your life: Where Adam Grant talks to Nancy Rothbard & Arianna Huffington about work <> life balance, burnout & why engaged workaholics also need to disconnect from work.
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3 hours ago by rasagy
How can someone be both? - CNN
joe navarro
"Dangerous Personalities"
1% psychopaths; 4% anti-social
Gavin de Becker, author of "The Gift of Fear." He says each person has an "internal guardian" that warns them when they're in the presence of danger.
author  psychology  Larkin  FBI  profiler 
8 hours ago by pegasus505
Interpersonal Reactivity Index - Psychology | Eckerd College
"a measure of dispositional empathy that takes as its starting point the notion that empathy consists of a set of separate but related constructs"
test  empathy  research  psychology 
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