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Incels: When Testosterone Goes Bad | Psychology Today
Incels are a serious problem.

Bookmarked because the author's advice includes a crack about prison rape. WTF.

Why the author is a professor of anything but toilet licking, I don't know.
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4 weeks ago by moose
What is holacracy? The management approach tested by Google and Zappos. — Quartz at Work

Working within a holacracy feels unnatural, compared to the way most companies are run. It involves forgoing one’s job title, taking complete ownership of one’s career development, and engaging with all colleagues as equals—transcending what Robertson views as outdated paradigms of power. Indeed, holacracy is designed to completely upend traditional hierarchy and replace it with a new structure that decentralizes power, essentially making everyone a CEO.

There's a lot to unpack here.
"unnatural" - as if the capital-management-labor hierarchy is found in biomes and geologic strata.
"forgoing [a] job title" - Which is often literal nonsense to begin with.
"making everyone a ceo" - which is basically the antithesis of what the CEO's role is.
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5 weeks ago by po
GAPS Diet – Science-Based Medicine |
Red Flags

There are plenty of red flags here: the “lone genius,” the “one cause” of most disease, the die-off and “wait a while and try again” explanations to keep patients on the diet when it is making them worse, the unvalidated sensitivity and diagnostic tests, the detoxification language, the bold but unsubstantiated claim of total reversal of autism, the dangerous recommendations for raw eggs, raw milk, and saturated fat and against vaccines and cholesterol testing, and more. Birds of a feather: she is associated with the Weston Price Foundation and was featured on Mercola’s website (both notorious sources of misinformation).
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6 weeks ago by kme

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