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Now we know where wi draw the line on swampy behavior - but was it 14 investigations into or the bad…
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july 2018 by userX
Scott Pruitt out at EPA • NPR
Rebecca Hersher on the departure (fired or resigned?) of the ridiculously corrupt, absurdly ill-suited party dweeb:
<p>While Pruitt's environmental policies were controversial, it was his spending and attempts to use the position for personal gain that resulted in more than a dozen investigations.

Several patterns were quickly established, including unusually high spending on his office and travel and continually mixing his personal and professional lives.

The EPA spent about $43,000 on a soundproof phone booth for the administrator's office, and The Washington Post reported that Pruitt spent thousands of dollars on first-class plane tickets. The New York Times reported Pruitt's chief of security proposed that Pruitt spend $70,000 on two desks, one of them bulletproof. The desks were not purchased.

Pruitt cited security threats as one reason for the first-class travel, and he spent tens of thousands of dollars on a publicly-funded, 24-hour security detail, which his office said was necessary to protect him from threats. Pruitt's security detail reportedly accompanied him on personal trips, including a family vacation to Disneyland. In August 2017, the EPA's Office of the Inspector General began investigating Pruitt's travel and security expenses and has widened the investigation multiple times.</p>

Whatever was coming out of the EPA OIG must have been colossal to make Pruitt resign. That is, assuming he wasn't called in by John Kelly (WH chief of staff) and told to write his resignation letter. The OIG will still have to report. Does it get to censure and fine Pruitt?

And will his bad decisions at the EPA be reversed? Because that's the big question.
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july 2018 by charlesarthur
RT : !!: Scott asked Trump to fire Sessions and make him instead, reports
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july 2018 by DocDre
EPA's Own Science Advisers to Rebuke Agency Over Auto Rollback - Bloomberg
Some of the EPA’s science advisers say the agency is ignoring its own research in moving to relax vehicle emission requirements, a signature element of the Trump administration’s campaign to roll back environmental regulations.
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june 2018 by daniel.zappala

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