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Booting a ZFS Root via UEFI on Debian // the crosseroads
I’m play­ing with ZFS on Linux using De­bian jessie (and even­tu­ally stretch). I de­cided I re­ally wanted to use ZFS for every­thing, in­clud­ing /boot/grub and swap space. In ad­di­tion, I wanted to boot using UEFI. This is how I did it.

The of­fi­cial [ZFS Root on De­bian]( HOWTO is much more cau­tious and wants you to cre­ate an ext4 par­ti­tion for /boot/grub and a sep­a­rate par­ti­tion for swap. Being the idiot^Wdare­devil I am, I de­cided to flout that ad­vice and go all-in on ZFS. The rest of this ar­ti­cle de­tails the steps in­volved in mak­ing this hap­pen. (You re­ally want to read the ZFS Root on De­bian guide first, and then come back here to see where I de­vi­ated. Also, stan­dard dis­claimers apply: I’m doing this on a lap­top I don’t care about and won’t use for any pro­duc­tion pur­pose. If fol­low­ing this guide cre­ates a mon­ster that eats your disk and calls your mother names, I take no re­spon­si­bil­ity. It worked for me, but might not work for you. Phew.)
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How To Create A NAS Using ZFS and Proxmox (with pictures) - Software & Operating Systems / Open Source & Web-Based - Level1Techs Forums
This is basically a Debian-Linux alternative to FreeBSD (FreeNAS).

With Linux, documentation for every little thing is in 20x places and very little of it is actually helpful. So I wrote a how-to guide so I could refer…
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