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A simple wireframing tool that doesn't get in your way. Create and share simple wireframes of websites and mobile apps.
2 days ago by jbotos
Beyond 800 words: prototyping new story formats for news
Part 4 — what we learnt about young audiences and how to write better news
bbc  innovation  news  prototyping 
2 days ago by dogwonder
Create a new Lean Canvas - Canvanizer
The Lean Canvas is also majorly meant for entrepreneurs and not the customers, consultants, investors or advisors. It has no specific medium of implementation and you can use it first and then shift to the Business Model Canvas or either way.
2 days ago by researchknowledge
Want to Build a Billion-Dollar Business? Learn These Lessons from Dropbox |
Design an experiment. Turn assumptions into knowns, by proving each through the science method. Start with the riskiest assumption and work from there.
2 days ago by researchknowledge
Yotako — Seamless transition from design to code
Инструмент позволяет получить код для веба и нативных приложений Android и iOS из макетов Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop и Balsamiq (на подходе Figma).
UX  tools  prototyping  development  coding 
3 days ago by jvetrau
Switch to Studio (MDS)
Коллекция обучающих материалов от Matt D. Smith.
UX  tools  prototyping  reference  learning  tutorials 
3 days ago by jvetrau
Website Prototyping Tool. Create Wireframes and Mockups Online.
prototyping  collaboration  design  ui  ux  wireframe  tools  favorite  free 
3 days ago by stechico
Dropbox Y Combinator application from 2007 by Drew Houston - Business Insider
Although I'm working with other people on Dropbox, strictly speaking I'm the only founder right now. My friend (redacted), a great hacker, Stanford grad and creator of (redacted) is putting together a Mac port, but can't join as a founder right now as a former cofounder of his started an extremely similar company. My friend and roommate (redacted) from MIT is helping out too, but he works with me at Bit9, and a non-solicit clause in my employment contract prevents me from recruiting him (and the VP Eng explicitly told me not to recruit him.)

In any case, I have several leads, have been networking aggressively, and fully intend to get someone else on board -- either another good hacker or a more sales-oriented guy (e.g. the role Matt fills at Xobni). I'm aware that the odds aren't good for single founders, and would rather work with other people anyway.
inspiration  PolymathsStrategy  prototyping 
3 days ago by researchknowledge

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