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HTTP Caching  |  Web Fundamentals  |  Google Developers
The good news is that every browser ships with an implementation of an HTTP cache. All you need to do is ensure that each server response provides the correct HTTP header directives to instruct the browser on when and for how long the browser can cache the response.
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8 days ago by wrrn
Mastering HTTP Caching | fortrabbit blog
To use Content Delivery Networks as HTTP caches you need to know about the proper HTTP response headers: Which are relevant? How do they work? How to you use them? All this I try to answer in this article.
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8 days ago by wrrn
Big Changes Ahead for Core Internet Protocols – IETF Journal - Mark Nottingham
"significant changes to the core Internet protocols are underway. While they are intended to be compatible with the Internet at large (since they won’t get adoption otherwise), they might be disruptive to those who have taken liberties with undocumented aspects of protocols or made an assumption that things won’t change."

TLS 1.3
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24 days ago by pierredv

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