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There’s No Escape for the Potato Man
[isthatbloodonhisshirt (wasterella)] “Wrong number, asshole!” / “Stop calling me an asshole,” the man on the other end snapped aggressively. / Stiles could understand. He’d be pretty aggressive too if he’d murdered someone and texted a wrong number to ask for help burying the body. This guy obviously failed How To Be a Serial Killer 101.
AU:College  pairing:Derek/Stiles  pairing:Erica/Boyd  pairing:Jackson/Ethan  pairing:Scott/Kira  pairing:Lydia/Aiden  angst  dogsitter!Derek  protective!Derek  shy/insecure!Derek  shy/insecure!Stiles  student!Stiles  fandom:Teen-Wolf  length:50K-75K 
june 2019 by casey679
The Boy Who Tamed the Sourwolf
[AllTheseSquaresMakeACircle] Stiles is used to being second tier in everyone's life. How easily people forget him and move on to bigger and better things. Used to always being in someone's shadow. Leave it to Derek Hale to shatter those expectations. Or, Scott gets popular and leaves Stiles behind, and one by one, Stiles loses his other friends to Derek's pack, only to regain it all back and more after he hits rock bottom and Derek stops being afraid of letting Stiles in. (Position purists: Implied bottom Stiles.)
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  pairing:Derek/Stiles  pairing:Scott/Allison  pairing:Scott/Allison/Isaac  pairing:Erica/Boyd  pairing:Jackson/Lydia  pairing:Isaac/Allison  pairing:Scott/Kira  alive!Laura-Hale  alpha!Laura  alpha!Derek  angst  bad-friend!Scott  BAMF!Laura  BAMF!Stiles  bottom!Derek  depressed!Stiles  hurt!Allison  hurt!Derek  hurt!Jackson  hurt!Lydia  hurt!Stiles  powers!Stiles  protective!Boyd  protective!Cora  protective!Deaton  protective!Derek  protective!Erica  protective!Isaac  protective!Laura  protective!Scott  protective!Stiles  PTSD!Stiles  spark!Stiles  tutor!Stiles  tw:torture  fandom:Teen-Wolf  length:75K-100K 
june 2019 by casey679
Opposite the Sun
[tsukinofaerii] In the town of Diahann, girls undergo a sacred rite to attain womanhood called a Crucible. Allison's takes an extremely unexpected twist that leaves her and her friends trapped between the monsters in the woods, and the monsters at home.
AU:Alive-Hale-Family  AU:Myths-&-Fairytales  pairing:Derek/Allison  angst  BAMF!Lydia  hurt!Allison  hurt!Derek  kink:knotting  kink:sentient-bestiality  protective!Allison  protective!Derek  tw:prejudice/discrimination  fandom:Teen-Wolf  length:25K-50K 
may 2019 by casey679
Breeding Season
[anonymous] “Haha, you’re ridiculous when you’re in heat,” the man said. “Look how affectionate you are.” Stiles purred and wagged his tail madly, cuddling up and jumping back playfully. Derek laughed a little under his breath and earned himself a glare. Derek grinned back, stretching his back so steeply that his ass was in the air. Stiles’ tail puffed up to twice its size. "Slut" Derek cooed, lounging on his side. Derek couldn’t entirely understand what the foxling said in response, but it sounded a lot like "cat fucker."
AU:Creatures-&-Monsters  pairing:Derek/Stiles  pairing:Gerard/Stiles  bottom!Stiles  fox!Stiles  hurt!Stiles  kink:bondage  kink:breeding  kink:knotting  kink:rough-sex  kink:sentient-bestiality  mpreg!Stiles  pet!Derek  pet!Jackson  pet!Stiles  possessive!Derek  protective!Derek  wolf!Derek  tw:dub/non-con  fandom:Teen-Wolf  length:5K-10K 
may 2019 by casey679
Tomorrow We Thrive
[KouriArashi] A prominent alpha is murdered on the eve of Stiles and Derek's wedding, throwing a wrench into a years' worth of planning. With a hundred suspects and a surplus of possible motives, Stiles focuses on the mysterious Gévaudan Society and their possible connection to a missing teenager whose father is a well-known anti-werewolf activist. (The Searching Ceremonies 5)
AU:Alive-Hale-Family  AU:Wedding  AU:Weres-&-Shifters  pairing:Derek/Stiles  pairing:Peter/Sheriff-Stilinski  angst  brainwashed!Stiles  case!fic  chef/baker!Stiles  detective!Derek  detective!Peter  detective!Stiles  disabled!Stiles  florist/landscaper!Derek  hurt!Peter  hurt!Stiles  protective!Derek  protective!Stiles  trope:magic-bond  tw:prejudice/discrimination  werewolf!Stiles  verse:The-Searching-Ceremonies  fandom:Teen-Wolf  length:75K-100K 
may 2019 by casey679
Forever We Strive
[KouriArashi] When Peter and Sheriff Stilinski decide to adopt a child, they meet a little girl named Malia, whose parents were murdered. But when Stiles starts looking into who killed them, he finds a lot of unanswered questions. (The Searching Ceremonies 4)
AU:Alive-Hale-Family  AU:Kid-fic  AU:Weres-&-Shifters  pairing:Derek/Stiles  pairing:Peter/Sheriff-Stilinski  angst  chef/baker!Stiles  case!fic  detective!Derek  detective!Peter  detective!Stiles  disabled!Stiles  hurt!Stiles  protective!Derek  protective!Sheriff-Stilinski  protective!Stiles  protective!Talia  PTSD!Peter  trope:magic-bond  tw:prejudice/discrimination  verse:The-Searching-Ceremonies  fandom:Teen-Wolf  length:100K+ 
may 2019 by casey679
Light at the End of the Tunnel
[Lesatha] "Careful, Stilinski. Don’t think you can go around telling me what to do, or coddling the werewolf." "What does it matter to you?" "If the feral alpha kills you, it will be my fault, as your supervisor." Stiles' head whipped towards the werewolf. He couldn’t see much of him apart from his red eyes, always following Stiles. Crazy as it might sound, it comforted him. The werewolf wasn’t the rabid animal Elis seemed to picture. He was just… hurt.
AU:Alive-Hale-Family  AU:Historical  pairing:Derek/Stiles  alpha!Derek  angst  bottom!Stiles  disabled!Sheriff-Stilinski  feral!Derek  goat-herder!Stiles  miner!Stiles  protective!Derek  protective!Stiles  sick!Stiles  slave!Derek  tw:prejudice/discrimination  fandom:Teen-Wolf  length:15K-20K 
may 2019 by casey679
Bargaining Chip - silentdescant - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“My bullets might not have an effect on you,” Ivan pants as he drags Stiles a few steps to the left, out into the open under the florescent parking lot lights. “But they’ll sure as hell have an effect on him.”

Derek stops advancing.
fandom:teenwolf  Derek/Stiles  rating:pg-13  preslash  H/C  protective!Derek  stiles_pov  Words:1000-3000 
january 2019 by hpfan_8890
Put That Hurricane Away
Then Derek freaking Hale shows up at the end of the aisle, one eyebrow arched at them, and Stiles doesn’t even know why this is happening, because it’s not like she wants Derek to see her in all her gamer-binge glory, either, but she panics and says, “Derek!” and, “Hey, Tommy, it’s Derek!” and, “Hey, Derek, come meet my douchebag ex who cheated on me and called me an un-datable spaz.”

Derek says, “He said what?”

Tommy’s eyes go wide and Stiles says, “Uh, well, maybe not in so many words?” because color-her-surprised but Derek looks pissed. Huh.
author:SkoosiePants  fandom:TeenWolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  au  humor  oneshot  genderbender  fluff  protective!Derek 
september 2018 by yuurei
[EloquentSavage] In Beacon Hills there's a wolf sanctuary managed by Chris Argent and owned by the Hales. Most of the Hales are gone, died in a fire set by Chris's sister. What's left of the Hale family set up the Hale foundation and opened the wolf sanctuary not long after the fire. The Sheriff's weird, outcast kid Stiles gets a job there because his dad and Chris are good friends and Stiles doesn't know what else to do with his life. No one knows a lot about the Hales anymore, but the wolf sanctuary is a part of Beacon Hills daily life now. Everyone goes there on school field trips and learns about the wolves. It doesn't seem that interesting or mysterious, until Stiles starts working there. Then he meets the people, and the wolves and starts to wonder how he stayed away for so many years.
AU:Animal-Sanctuary  pairing:Derek/Stiles  pairing:Erica/Boyd  angst  BAMF!Erica  bottom!Derek  hurt!Stiles  mental-illness!Stiles  protective!Chris  protective!Derek  protective!Laura  protective!Lydia  protective!Sheriff-Stilinski  werewolf!Stiles  writer!Stiles  fandom:Teen-Wolf  length:75K-100K 
july 2018 by casey679
Inertia by apocryphal
Awesome! Derek and Cora are suffering through their road trip until they unexpectedly find Stiles waiting outside their motel door, worse for the wear. Love the slow build on all of their relationships - family, friendship, romance.
teenwolf  sterek  flangst  packfeels  awesome!cora  endearing!stiles  protective!derek  awesome!lydia  stilesandlydiafriendship 
june 2018 by punkheid
Sevens and Eights by calrissian18
This is quite unusual, and I like it! Stiles and Derek have been best friends since they were children. Stiles falls in love with straight Derek, who still loves him more than anyone else. I’m no longer convinced by the split attraction model, but it’s still interestingly used here. I can’t help but think that it’s not going to work out, but it’s totally believable to me that they would try.
teenwolf  sterek  au  jealous!stiles  jealous!derek  pining!stiles  protective!derek  bittersweet 
june 2018 by punkheid
way out east there might be a way out by paxlux
Post-apocalyptic wasteland AU, in which Stiles saves Derek’s life and they end up trekking through the barren, dangerous landscape together, Derek pretty much falling head over heels immediately. In-love-and-can’t-believe-that-Stiles-could-love-him-back!Derek is the best Derek.
teenwolf  au  sterek  ust  scottandstilesbrosforlife  bamf!stiles  protective!derek  endearing!derek 
may 2018 by punkheid
a dying breed that still believes by paxlux
Wing!fic!!!!!!! Stiles has wings!! And a werewolf in love with him and a bunch of puppies to help train and some sketchy dudes to evade and lots of puns to make. Amazing characterisation and writing.
teenwolf  au  sterek  bamf!stiles  pining!derek  protective!derek  jealous!derek  packfeels  scottandstilesbrosforlife  awesome!sheriff  ust  lovelovelove 
may 2018 by punkheid
Lodestar by paxlux
Awesome AU in which the pack, the Sheriff, and Deaton are hunters and Derek hasn’t entirely realised that he’s in love with Stiles.
teenwolf  sterek  au  pining!stiles  ust  protective!derek  jealous!derek 
may 2018 by punkheid
Miles Away by sori
Derek leaves on a road-trip that turns into a longer stay that he could have imagined. While the rest of the pack solidify around Scott, Stiles and Derek text. Quiet, slow-build. Stiles and Derek getting what they want and need.
teenwolf  sterek  ust  protective!derek 
may 2018 by punkheid
Just Act Normal by zosofi
Stiles has been avoiding going back to Beacon Hill for years, and in that time has managed to become an Oscar-winning actor. Love the characterisation of him as having gained confidence and learned how to conduct himself how he wants to. His agent sends him on a mandatory vacation back home, where he can no longer avoid the pack. Their reactions are perfect. Especially Derek being all over him, seemingly unconsciously.
teenwolf  sterek  ust  pining!derek  pining!stiles  protective!derek  possessive!derek  bamf!stiles  scottandstilesbrosforlife  packfeels  scenting  lovelovelove 
may 2018 by punkheid
This is Ridiculous by zosofi
In which it turns out that unicorns don’t only let virgins near them, they try to kill them, and the entire pack apart from Stiles is aware of Derek’s massive crush and hilariously enjoy teasing him about it.
teenwolf  sterek  humour  pining!derek  oblivious!stiles  jealous!derek  protective!derek  packfeels  bamf!stiles 
april 2018 by punkheid
Radioactive by Chiomi
Stiles becomes an empath and so discovers that his feelings for Derek are mutual. Featuring Derek’s red-ringed eyes.
teenwolf  sterek  magical!stiles  jealous!derek  hothothot  protective!derek 
april 2018 by punkheid
the wing wherewith we fly to heaven by vlieger
Gahhhh. Stiles goes to get tested for Huntington’s, which his mom may have passed down to him. He’s bravely biting that bullet, but he could still use someone to come with him. Derek seems like the best choice, seeing as how he’s usually able to hide any and all hints of emotion.
teenwolf  sterek  flangst  pining!derek  protective!derek  pining!stiles  oblivious!stiles  awesome!stiles 
march 2018 by punkheid

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length:25k-50k  length:50k-75k  length:5k-10k  length:75k-100k  librarian!stiles  love  lovelovelove  magic!stiles  magical!stiles  malia/stiles  marvel  matchmaking  mate-quest!derek  meet_the_family  melissa_mccall  mental-illness!stiles  miner!stiles  momstilinski  mpreg!stiles  mpreg  noncon  oblivious!derek  oblivious!stiles  omc/stiles  omega!stiles  omega!verse  on_delicious  oneshot  opposite_sexau  over_20k  over_60k  pack  packfeels  pairing:boyd/erica  pairing:cora/isaac  pairing:derek/allison  pairing:derek/kate  pairing:derek/stiles  pairing:erica/boyd  pairing:gerard/stiles  pairing:isaac/allison  pairing:jackson/ethan  pairing:jackson/lydia  pairing:lydia/aiden  pairing:malia/kira  pairing:malia/stiles  pairing:peter/sheriff-stilinski  pairing:peter/stiles  pairing:scott/allison/isaac  pairing:scott/allison  pairing:scott/kira  pairing:scott/stiles  pet!derek  pet!jackson  pet!stiles  peter&stiles  pining!derek  pining!stiles  plotty  police!derek  police!lydia  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stiles&jackson  stiles&lydia  stiles_pov  stilesandlydiafriendship  student!derek  student!stiles  sub!stiles  suicidal!derek  suicidal!stiles  talia_hale  teen  teenwolf  threesome  trope:arranged-marriage  trope:fake-relationship  trope:friends-to-lovers  trope:magic-bond  trope:soulmarks  tutor!stiles  tw:child-abuse  tw:domestic-abuse  tw:dub/non-con  tw:eating-disorder  tw:non-consensual-drug-use  tw:prejudice/discrimination  tw:self-harm  tw:torture  tw:unhappy-ending  unrequited/pining  ust  verse:supernormal  verse:the-searching-ceremonies  verse:wolfsbane  werewolf!allison  werewolf!stiles  werewolf_politics  werewolves  werewolves_knownau  wip  wolf!derek  wolf  words:1000-3000  writer!derek  writer!stiles  zombies     

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