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A prosthetic arm that decodes phantom limb movements
About 75 percent of amputees exhibit mobility of their phantom limb. Using this information, researchers have developed a prototype capable of detecting these movements and activating a prosthetic arm. The prosthesis does not require any surgery and patients do not need training.
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14 days ago by emkay
Upgrade your body: MIT's Center for Extreme Bionics is on a mission to overcome disability | WIRED UK
Researchers at the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems are trying to understand how humans manipulate objects in order to reproduce gripping movements…
medicine  biology  rehabilitation  robotics  electronics  electrical  engineering  research  university  massachusetts  america  prosthetics 
4 weeks ago by asaltydog
Center for Extreme Bionics — MIT Media Lab
News & Updates Member Portal Research About Graduate Program People Events Videos Video Center for Extreme Bionics None Videos by Stacie Slotnick…
medicine  biology  rehabilitation  robotics  electronics  electrical  engineering  research  university  massachusetts  america  prosthetics 
4 weeks ago by asaltydog
Mechatronic Hand Mimics Human Anatomy to Achieve Dexterity | Hackaday
Behold the wondrous complexity of the human hand. Twenty-seven bones working in concert with muscles, tendons, and ligaments extending up the forearm to produce a range of motions that gave us everything from stone tools to symphonies. Our hands are what we use to interface with the physical world on a fine level, and it’s understandable that we’d want mechanical versions of ourselves to include hands that were similarly dexterous.

That’s a tall order to fill, but this biomimetic mechatronic hand is a pretty impressive step in that direction. It’s [Will Cogley]’s third-year university design project, which he summarizes in the first video below. There are two parts to this project; the mechanical hand itself and the motion-capture glove to control it, both of which we find equally fascinating. The control glove is covered with 3D-printed sensors for each joint in the hand. He uses SMD potentiometers to measure joint angles, with some difficulty due to breakage of the solder joints; perhaps he could solve that with finer wires and better strain relief.
hackaday  prosthetics  hand  robotics  medical 
8 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Moving 3D Printed Prosthetic Arms With A Pulse | Hackaday
One of the best uses of 3D printers we’ve seen are custom prosthetics. Even today, custom-built prosthetics cost an arm and a leg, but there’s no reason why they should. Right now, we can scan someone’s arm or leg, import that scan into a 3D-modeling program, and design a custom-fit orthotic that can be spit out on a 3D printer. Now, we’re seeing some interesting methods of turning those 3D-printed parts into the beginnings of a cybernetic design. This is a custom printed robotic hand controlled by a pulse sensor. It’s in its early stages right now, but so far the results are promising and this is a great entry to The Hackaday Prize
hackaday  robotics  prosthetics  3dprinted 
september 2018 by cyberchucktx
KIT researchers create novel 3D printed prosthetic hand - 3D Printing Industry
Researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany have developed a novel five-finger 3D printed hand prosthesis which uses sensors, an embedded control system, and an RGB camera in the base of the palm to autonomously grasp objects.

According to the research paper “The KIT Prosthetic Hand: Design and Control,” standard myoelectric prosthetic hands (artificial limbs using existing muscles in your residual limb to control its functions) rely on the user for control.
prosthetics  hand  sensors  touch  medical 
august 2018 by cyberchucktx

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