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Props America
Props America the #1 Manufacturer of Fake Electronic Props, Computer Props, Fake Foods & TV Props for Home Staging and Furniture Stores in the United States and Canada!
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6 weeks ago by xr
2 Old Boxes - Asset Store
Game ready 3D models of two old boxes.

Every box can be opened.

1. Big Box: 516 polygons, 664 vertexes, 1,044 triangles.

2. Small Box: 516 polygons, 664 vertexes, 1,044 triangles.

Textures are in .TIF file format. (diffuse, normals and specular) resolution are 1024x1024.
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9 weeks ago by matthillco
12 Old Containers - Asset Store
Good for fantasy, Medieval and pirate games
Boxes, ceramics and straw baskets can be opened.

Textures are in .TIF file format. (diffuse, normals and specular).
1024x1024, 512x512, 256x256.

1. Big Old Barrel: 1,410 polygons, 1,804 vertexes, 2,946 triangles.
2. Small Old Barrel: 500 polygons, 582 vertexes, 1,000 triangles.

3. Old_Birdcage: 1,710 polygons, 1,904 vertexes, 3,390 triangles.

4. Big Box: 516 polygons, 664 vertexes, 1,044 triangles.
5. Small Box: 516 polygo...
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9 weeks ago by matthillco

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