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Your Office 365 Implementation Checklist - How to plan the switch - Templafy
With this Office 365 implementation checklist you can ensure smooth O365 cloud migration. Office 365 implementation is becoming more and more relevant to companies. Luckily by now there are many best practices that you can follow to avoid the most common Office 365 implementation mistakes.
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3 days ago by enslrhs82
How Long Does It Take to Migrate to Office 365? | Withum
Planning your migration to Office 365? We debunk the question of "How long does it take to migrate to Office 365 and how much is it going to cost?" in our blog.
planning  Project_Management  msoffice 
3 days ago by enslrhs82
Project Schedule Quality 101: Project Schedule Assessment
Learn how to improve your project schedule quality with 14 Microsoft Project schedule quality assessment checks including the DCMA 14 point assessment
Project_Management  scheduling 
7 days ago by enslrhs82
Change management in the agile world - Getting ready for WAR | ThoughtWorks
“What do you mean there’s no big bang release date? How will we know what to build if we don’t know what the thing will do far in advance? How can we train people to use something if we don’t have all the user requirements and specs up front?” Such questions ring through the hallways of companies making the transition from a waterfall to an agile way of designing and delivering software.
Project_Management  Change_Management  agile 
23 days ago by enslrhs82
Holding productive meetings – Cogapp
Those of us who work in creative spaces spend a lot of time in meetings. Not all meetings are as productive and enjoyable as they should be. This short paper is our distilled wisdom on simple steps you can take to make your meetings better.
meetings  management  project_management 
26 days ago by stacker
Programmers are good at estimating median time to completion but not average (mean) which matters
Depending on the uncertainty, the average is going to be 20% to 1000% higher. That means that uncertain tasks, even if they have a low estimated median, are going to dominate the average
project_management  statistics 
29 days ago by mritter

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