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Apache Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool.
JVM  language  project  build_tool 
yesterday by brunsnik
yonaskolb/XcodeGen: A Swift command line tool for generating your Xcode project
A Swift command line tool for generating your Xcode project - yonaskolb/XcodeGen
xcode  swift  project  generation 
yesterday by phatblat
Estimating project costs? If statements should cost $10,000 each • Dave Rupert
Dave Rupert:
<p>“Whoa, whoa, whoa, that would never work” I hear you say. But there’s never been an easier way to convey the scope and cost of a project than if-statement based billing. What is an if-statement? An if-statement is the most essential unit of business logic. A small piece of logic that will linger in your codebase for the life of the entire project. Larger software applications have more business logic, thus are more expensive. We can use if-statements as a proxy for complexity and bill accordingly. At the end of the day developers can count up the number of if-statements and invoice the corresponding cost centers.

What about small projects, you say? Well, the beauty of this is something simple like a blog is actually free! Free website? Yes, please.

But let’s say your app has a logged-in or logged-out state, well, that’s at least 2 if-statements. Starting price: $20,000. Never before has it been this easy to price and scope out complex stateful apps!

Do you build Component Systems? Simple static components are free. But most components increase their cost due to the The Nine States of Design. Each component likely has a mix of “none”, “one”, “some”, “too many”, “error”, and “done” states. That’s a lot of logic and use cases packed into a little module, so it’s gonna cost ya. But you’ll rest assured that you’ve covered all your bases as well as billed appropriately.

Need an if-statement with 2 conditionals? Look, I’m not a scam artist so I’ll give you the second conditional at half-price. But if it gets any more complex than that and we <a href=">have to build a big juicy Karnaugh Map</a>, that gets into bitwise operators (which are generally a terrible idea in JavaScript) and will double the cost per switch case.</p>

This is both hilarious and yet also true.
Software  programming  estimation  project 
2 days ago by charlesarthur
usbdriveby/ at master · samyk/usbdriveby
USBdriveby exploits the trust of USB devices by emulating an HID keyboard and mouse, installing a cross-platform firewall-evading backdoor, and rerouting DNS within seconds of plugging it in. - samyk/usbdriveby
todo  dns  project 
4 days ago by iiridayn
Project Kickoff Meetings: Steps and Example Agenda
dude, EXTREMELY into this “Project Playbook” from Atlassian. This is exactly the level of guidance I’m interested in.
project  projectmanagement  guide  howto  business 
4 days ago by aaronbeekay

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