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Binder (beta)
This seems like it would be great for creating a data science portfolio.
github  python  notebook  programming  datascience  useful  presentation  portfolio 
37 minutes ago by np
An Introduction to Tkinter (Work in Progress)
Reference + explanation + examples for Tkinter
Python  programming  reference  gui 
2 hours ago by fj
Why Don't People Use Formal Methods? • Hillel Wayne -
I saw this question on the Software Engineering Stack Exchange: What are the barriers that prevent widespread adoption of formal methods? The question was closed as opinion-based, and most of the answers were things like “its too expensive!!!” or “website isn’t airplane!!!” These are sorta kinda true but don’t explain very much. I wrote this to provide a larger historical picture of formal methods, why they’re actually so unused, and what we’re doing to make them used.
development  programming  formal  verification  management 
4 hours ago by insertrealname

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