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What version control system does Google use, and why? - Quora
A little more on the experience of working with Piper at Google.
google  piper  programming  vcs 
5 hours ago by rcrowley
Create, share & embed live projects — in just one click.
webdesign  Programming  ide 
6 hours ago by mortonfox
PEP 318 -- Decorators for Functions and Methods |
Enforce function argument and return types. Note that this copies the func_name attribute from the old to the new function. func_name was made writable in Python 2.4a3:
documentation  python  programming 
6 hours ago by atbradley
Computer Vision for Artists and Designers: Pedagogic Tools and Techniques for Novice Programmers - Golan Levin and Collaborators
"Computer vision" refers to a broad class of algorithms that allow computers to make intelligent assertions about digital images and video.
design  programming  computervision 
6 hours ago by Remo

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