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Open source IMU and AHRS algorithms – x-io Technologies
In 2009 Sebastian Madgwick developed an IMU and AHRS sensor fusion algorithm as part of his Ph.D research at the University of Bristol. The algorithm was posted on Google Code with IMU, AHRS and camera stabilisation application demo videos on YouTube. The algorithm received thousands of downloads but the code project was never maintained or updated. All resources are now provided and maintained here. The algorithm source code is available in C, C# andMATLAB. The source code also incl...
programming  sensors 
12 hours ago by georgebashi
crista/exercises-in-programming-style: Comprehensive collection of programming styles using a simple computational task, term frequency
Comprehensive collection of well-known, and not so well-known, programming styles using a simple computational task, term frequency.
programming  python  book  learning 
13 hours ago by jefframnani
Become a Java Craftsman in 70 Examples
Improve your coding skills by comparing your code to that of expert programmers, so you can write code that’s clean, concise, and to the point: code that others will read with pleasure and reuse.
java  programming  book  learning 
13 hours ago by jefframnani
g-plane/zsh-yarn-autocompletions: A Zsh plugin for yarn autocompletions.
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
github  programming  autocomplete  zsh  npm  dotfiles 
13 hours ago by e2b
Crafting Interpreters
A book on building an interpreter from scratch
Books  Programming  Learning_Resources 
13 hours ago by svieira geocoding for North America - USA and Canada - A Canadian and US location geocoder 0.000000,0.000000
free  api  resource  programming  geocoder  geo 
14 hours ago by tcgonline

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