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Homelessness, hunger grow with the cold | Local News |
As temperatures start to dip at this time of year, Capt. Scott McNeil begins to see more hungry and cold people at his Salvation Army soup kitchen and homeless shelter.
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14 days ago by eversourcenh
Deep Learning for Program Synthesis - Microsoft Research
"92% accuracy on a set of real-world benchmarks. What’s especially encouraging is the system is able to maintain its high accuracy even when the I/O examples contain significant noise.

Our system, called RobustFill, leverages recent advances in deep learning to take a data-driven approach to program synthesis without the need for any hand-crafted rules. Instead, it uses an attentional sequence-to-sequence neural network, first pioneered for use in language translation, to generate the program based on the I/O examples."
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17 days ago by dandv
What are the best job board affiliate programs? - Quora Affiliate Program - is a very popular website that helps people distribute resumes. They have one of the best affiliate programs in the industry, with a 50/50 recurring split. What does that mean? You get 50% of every sale, for the life of the sale. They have banners too. Just post links/banners to ResumeRobin around your job board and make money.
Juju Affiliate Program - Juju is a job aggregator that pays for each click you refer to them. Can be a good deal.
SimplyHired Affiliate Program - SimplyHired is another job aggregator that pays you per click, but they are a bit harder to setup, than Juju.
CareerBuilder Affiliate Program - CareerBuilder has a great program that pays you for each click you refer to them. The jobs can be either downloaded through FTP or searched returned via API.
Jobs2Web - they have a similar pay-per-click program as CareerBuilder, but do not pay as much. However, they do have quite a bit of jobs from large quality companies. Contact them to join their program.
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28 days ago by fallond

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