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numexpr/valgrind-python.supp at numexpr-3.0 · pydata/numexpr · GitHub
# This is a valgrind suppression file that should be used when using valgrind.
# Here's an example of running valgrind:
# cd python/dist/src
# valgrind --tool=memcheck --suppressions=Misc/valgrind-python.supp \
# ./python -E -tt ./Lib/test/ -u bsddb,network
valgrind  python  memoryleak  profiling  development  debugging 
4 days ago by vrobin
Cambridge Analytica Used Fashion Tastes to Identify Right-Wing Voters - The New York Times
Christopher Wylie, who helped found the voter-profiling firm, said that clothing preferences had been key to helping “Steve Bannon build his insurgency. via Pocket
pocket  data  profiling  fashion  steve.bannon  cambridge.analytica  politics  us 
5 days ago by jburkunk
Quick and Dirty Rails Performance Profiling - Hiltmon
When I find some Ruby on Rails or Rake tasks running slowly, I throw a quick and dirty profiler around the suspect code to find the bottlenecks with …
profiling  rails  benchmark  rubyprof 
10 days ago by justahero
Flame Graphs
Homepage for Flame Graphs: a visualization for stack traces.
programming  performance  flamegraphs  visualization  profiling  debugging  perf  linux  flame  graph 
11 days ago by justahero
Welcome to the testing-video project! |
an open source set of video files for adjusting or profiling TV
video  test  files  profiling  color  lg  opensource 
12 days ago by bdarcus
Wanted: The ‘perfect babysitter.’ Must pass AI scan for respect and attitude. - The Washington Post
Some AI experts believe that systems like these have the potential to supercharge the biases of age or racial profiling, including flagging words or images from certain groups more often than others. They also worry that Predictim could coerce young babysitters into handing over intimate data just to get a job.
ai  bias  children  profiling  surveillancecapitalism  indie  radar 
17 days ago by laurakalbag

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