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Wearables by Bose — Classic Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses
Discover timeless sunglass frames equipped with astounding sound quality and AR capabilities. Bose is dedicated to continuing to push the boundaries in sound innovation and tech. Learn more by visiting our website.
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yesterday by skinnymuch
Bidet Attachments by TUSHY | For People Who Poop
This is a bidet that installs easily into your normal toilet. Weird!
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5 days ago by darkwater
Video transcoding, streaming, capture, screen recording, captioning and workflow automation solutions | Telestream, LLC
Put our video transcoding expertise to work for you, from live webcasting, screencasting, desktop video encoding and closed captioning to enterprise-class video workflow automation systems
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7 days ago by po
If You Aren't The Consumer, You're The Product - Above The Fray
Something that has my fascination right now is a recent 60 Minutes report by Anderson Cooper on brain hacking. If you’ve not seen it, you have to watch it immediately. It’s mind-blowing.
It’s one of the key pieces of our new youth presentation that we’re talking to our sons and daughters about.
I used to have this philosophy and this belief that technology was neither good nor bad. It’s simply is, and I talk about this quite a bit in some of our presentations, but, in light of the 60 Minutes story on brain hacking, I’m starting to think it might be shifted a little bit.
The gist is that originally these games, these apps that we’re all using were designed by engineers because they had a purpose. They wanted to get you from point a to point b, fixed the thing, play the game.
Well, what’s happened over the past few years in Silicon Valley is that it’s not just engineers and designers behind this tech now. It’s also psychologists. The reason why? You guessed it. To keep us coming back.
They want us coming back and using the apps, using the games.
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7 days ago by rgl7194
Product Hunt – The best new products in tech.
Product Hunt is a curation of the best new products, every day. Discover the latest mobile apps, websites, and technology products that everyone's talking about.
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10 days ago by dgafni
Ask Product Hunt
"Ask the Product Hunt community for their product recommendations and advice."


Never saw them show in search results.

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12 days ago by dandv
Personalized gifts, custom branded products, cards, invitations
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12 days ago by esh

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