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7 Wastes Muda Article on the Seven Wastes of Lean Manufacturing
Seven Wastes by David McBride of EMS Consulting Group, an organization established to assist companies implement Lean and World Class Manufacturing programs.
4 days ago by gritter
Surviving the Existential Crisis of life as a product manager
"... over the years I’ve come to believe that dumb questions drive great product decisions.

If you think an engineering design sounds too complicated, ask some dumb questions and you’ll either learn something (awesome) or you might get the team to consider a simpler approach.

If you think a decision seems too opinionated, ask some dumb questions and you’ll find the underlying assumptions behind it.

If you don’t understand why a user is doing something weird, ask some dumb questions and you might see a problem, opportunity or pain-point that you’d never thought of before."
productmanagement  essays  dumbest  Questions 
6 days ago by earth2marsh
A Faster and More Flexible Home Page that Delivers the News Readers Want
We've created a design system that's rooted in highlighting both what our readers feel is important to read, and what they want to read.
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10 days ago by rchrd_h

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