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If Retired US Navy SEAL commander Jocko Willink wakes up at 4:30AM every morning and tweets a photo of his wrist watch, then what time does he go to bed at night? - Quora
After reading Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual, I started waking up at 4:30am (and going to sleep around 9:30pm), I’ve found it to be incredibly rewarding and it has provided an amazing boost to my productivity.

You’ll never be more productive than first thing in the morning. Your work will fly by.

It’s absolutely worth it — but you must go to bed earlier if you want to do it consistently.
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4 hours ago by lwhlihu
NotePlan - Markdown Calendar & Notes
Make plans inside an individual markdown note for every day in your calendar. Use it as a journal for your daily tasks and plan todos in advance. For Mac, iPhone and iPad.
macos  ios  productivity 
6 hours ago by chasephillips
You've got a lot going on. Get to the messages, files, and links you need without a second thought.
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6 hours ago by junya
Agile Project Management | Pivotal Tracker
Pivotal Tracker is the agile project management tool of choice for developers around the world for real-time collaboration around a shared, prioritized backlog.
tools  tracking  productivity  agile  projectmanagement  project  management  scrum  software  collaboration 
9 hours ago by gyaresu
Firetask — Project-oriented GTD® Task Management for Mac, iPhone and iPad
"Firetask combines the advantages of David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD)® with proven classical task management features such as due dates and priorities in a unique way."
software  mac  productivity  organize  app  to-evaluate  ios  gtd 
12 hours ago by stumax
Big Update for Drafts  — MacSparky
Drafts, one of my favorite utilities for the iPhone just got a big update to version 5. For some of you, that’s all you need to hear. Download the new version and subscribe. For the rest of you, let me explain a bit further.
ios  productivity 
13 hours ago by andyhuey
Drafts 5: The MacStories Review – MacStories
Drafts is the bedrock app from which I build all my productivity. It’s the single point of text entry that shares to any app, whether through the share sheet, a simple action, or a custom and complex action. Any time I have an idea, I put it in Drafts. Tasks to add to my task manager? I do that from Drafts. Something I want to write about on my blog? That idea starts in Drafts too. It's the focal point for everything I do.
ios  productivity 
13 hours ago by andyhuey

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