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Polymail — Email Collaboration for Teams
Polymail is a new kind of email platform that helps teams collaborate, be more productive, and work better, together.
email  productivity 
6 hours ago by hellsten
How to 10x Your Own Productivity as a Manager through Writing - Product - The Blog of Slab
Managing a team is all about communication. Contrary to popular belief, that doesn't just mean holding meetings or updating Kanban boards…
writing  productivity  management 
10 hours ago by lightningdb
Bullet Journal: One Book to Rule Them All
I recently began using a Bullet Journal. Longtime readers who recall my going paperless days might find this odd. My going paperless experiment was just that–an experiment to see how far I co…
bulletjournal  productivity  gtd  notebook  notetaking 
10 hours ago by flydown
Karabiner - Software for macOS
A powerful and stable keyboard customizer for macOS.
mac  software  tools  productivity  free 
19 hours ago by yankeh
I upvoted Forge on Product Hunt: Open source code snippets tool - designed for ease of use. at December 14, 2018 at 09:13AM
Product  Hunt  Mac  Productivity  Developer  Tools 
23 hours ago by iamthefury

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