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Don't do this in production · Stephen Mann
Mann was called in to help find the bugs in an about-to-launch product, where the developers turned out to be eager, but inexperienced:
<p>“Move fast and break things,” they said. It turns out that’s a pretty bad idea when your business relies on a small number of large customers. Broken products tend to scare them off, which in turn tanks your business. There’s a lot to be said for building things that work, but “move slowly and steadily towards a goal” just doesn’t have the same ring.

In reality, there’s a balance between moving fast and and moving slow. It’s difficult to communicate that balance because every type of product demands a different balance. I suppose that intuition comes from experience, which is a terrible answer for someone trying to learn.

What’s a new developer to do?

The natural tendency seems to be asking the internet. It turns out that this is incredibly effective.

It’s also incredibly dangerous.

This company continued to work with me after that product launch. I reviewed a significant amount of code, helped mentor their developers, and built new projects for them. Everything went swimmingly.

One day, I ran into a section of code that triggered my spidey sense. I could have sworn that I had seen it before. Sure enough, after pasting a line into a search engine, I found the exact section of code in a blog post. Naturally I read the whole thing, right up to the line that said, “Don’t do this in production.“

Yet here it was, tipping its hat at me from the front lines of a production codebase.

It didn’t take long to find many sections of code from similar blog posts. Almost all of the blog posts either wrote a disclaimer or should have written one. They all solved one small piece of a problem, but took many liberties in their solution to make it simpler to read. It’s understandable. Most readers appreciate brevity when learning a concept.</p>

Ah, the joys of StackOverflow. Great when you're learning, but as he says - dangerous if used unwarily.
software  production 
yesterday by charlesarthur
Helm by Matt Tytel
Helm is a free, cross-platform, polyphonic synthesizer with a powerful modulation system. Helm runs on GNU/Linux, Mac, and Windows as a standalone program or LV2/VST/VST3/AU plugin.
synth  plugin  ableton  production  software  programming 
2 days ago by lightningdb
In situ tribochemical formation of self-lubricating diamond-like carbon films - ScienceDirect
So rubbing palladium-gold alloys in teh presence of carbon containing stuff makes very slippery diamond-like carbon films without an expensive plasma furnace, and might be suitable for mass production use
palladium  gold  nanoparticle  amorphous  diamond  carbon  film  nanocomposite  lubricant  materials  science  research  technology  tribochemical  production  process 
3 days ago by asteroza
Studio Trigger Staff Reminisce About Gainax and Look Ahead to Co-Productions - Director Yoh Yoshinari and producers Masahiko Otsuka and Naoko Tsutsumi’s Otakon 2018 press conference
"And I think from now on we’re going to have to keep up production to be able to stay around for 20 or 30 years like a big place like Gainax. So I want to be involved in works that will help our longevity and be big hits like the ones Gainax was able to produce."

"Although [the staff of Turning Girls] quit and she’s not around anymore, we really like the result of that approach, of bringing someone in who has fresh ideas, so we’re not going to cross that off of the list of possibilities in the future."
interview  anime  production  animation  2018 
3 days ago by mechazoidal
Wired Lab
THE WIRED LAB is an artist led organisation evolving interdisciplinary art practices in rural Australia. We create opportunities for the research, production and presentation of projects that connect international and local artists with communities in new ways.
residencies  Australia  research  production  presentation  projects  community 
5 days ago by derishus
Audio Podcasting Software Toolkit | ePodcast Creator
Award-winning program records and edits audio, overdubs, creates RSS feed, creates iTunes tags, uploads your podcast. Built-in FTP client and ID3 tag editor. Access SFX, music, interviews from on-screen buttons.
podcast  production  editing  creation 
5 days ago by kpieper876
Fictional Search Engines From Movies & TV Shows
We have all watched a movie or TV episode where a character aimlessly slams their keyboard then a search engine website pops up. I usually snigger to myself as we see them type in a characters full name and gain access to excessively private information from a poorly designed Google-wannabe. Anyway, as 2015 comes to a close I thought it would be fun to shed light on why producers don’t show Google and reveal some of the wonderfully bad fictional search engines in movies and TV shows
film  television  production  design  search 
6 days ago by NightOwlCity
The Business of Too Much TV -- Vulture
“It does feel a little bit like the era,” Plec says, referring to Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard’s ill-fated $50 million attempt to create an online content portal back in 2000, which fell victim to the larger dot-com bubble. “Pop was the Netflix of the day, the job that everybody [in Hollywood] wanted. And there were a million other offshoots of that same kind of idea, and everybody was going over there to get out of the grind of mid-level Hollywood. Then they all lost their jobs.”
hollywood  production 
10 days ago by jomc

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