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Vova Kurbatov
I’m Vova Kurbatov.
Product designer.
Currently, I’m designing data-driven
interfaces for smart cities.
I love to explore new opportunities
that technology gives us.
portfolio  Inspiration  website  productdesign  international 
3 days ago by gwippich
Maximising Usability of Packaging | Mindlab International
Mindlab International help brands to maximise usability of packaging by monitoring physiological arousal, eye-tracking and innovative quantitative measures of efficiency, stress and enjoyment.
usability  productdesign  packaging 
8 days ago by bouncingdan
Richard Sapper's dark, alternate universe of tech design - Curbed
In 2013, critic Justin McGuirk wrote, "In the 1970s and ’80s, the soul of product design was in the hands of two Germans. One was a minimalist who reduced products to seductive shells with their features rubbed smooth, and occasionally gave them nicknames like Snow White’s Coffin." That would be Dieter Rams. "The other, far from hiding the technical nature of these products, reveled in it." McGuirk saw Sapper as the Darth Vader to Rams’s Obi-Wan Kenobi.
design  industrialdesign  productdesign  thinkpad  apple  ibm  future  futurism 
12 days ago by kybernetikos
Richard Sapper's dark, alternate universe of tech design - Curbed
"What I find appealing about a Sapper-influenced future is the sense that we wouldn’t have to be so careful not to break, to spill, to let sentiment intrude or go over our daily calories. That future can be made of almost anything, can stack neatly and doesn’t require custom furniture to fit its curves. We might not need to waste energy on stairs, elevators, and ziplines to get us to our clifftops like James Bond villains. We wouldn’t have to figure out how to open a closed pod without tactile or visual cues. We would not be living up to our future, it would be working for us." From the Thinkpad outward - notes on Richard Sapper, and the kind of industrial design I can get behind.
richardsapper  design  productdesign  industrialdesign  thinkpad 
12 days ago by infovore
Map Project Office
We’re industrial designers who love making things that make a difference. Since 2012 we’ve built DIY computers for kids, interactive exhibitions for Google even remastered the humble Spork. In the process we were named Creative Review’s 2016 Agency of the Year.
agence  design  productdesign  studio  london 
18 days ago by patrick
Tools and resources for naming things.
Collected by Greg and Willem.
branding  ProductDesign  ProductNaming  Design  reference  List  resource 
7 weeks ago by DillonIanCarter

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