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The Joe Rogan Experience - Sleep Expert and Neuroscientist Dr. Matthew Walker - Podcast Notes
We need 7-9 hours a night
Once you get below 7, we can measure impairments in the brain 
There is a small fraction of <1% of the population, that has a certain gene that allows them to survive on 5 hours of sleep
You are more likely to be struck by lighting than have this gene
The gene promotes wakefulness chemistry in the brain
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Productive Procrastination: How to Get More Done by Procrastinating on Purpose | Nick Wignall
Counter-intuitive strategies for using productive procrastination to beat procrastiantion and get more done with less effort.
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4 days ago by e2b
How to Get Things Done When You Don't Feel Like It | Hacker News
I can function on 3 hours a day -- if the only thing I have to do is talking and reacting to incoming stimuli. Which is precisely what high-flying politicians and execs do: talk, talk, talk, with some occasional reasoning thrown in. They don't have to break down complex problems or create complex artefacts, there are aides doing it for them. They just go through briefing after briefing and react to what is thrown at them.

Actual creative workers and engineers require a different set of brain fu...
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Sunday . Cooking always calms me down when I am feeling a bit anxious / overworked
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