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Uninterruptible Sleep
One of the curious features of Unix systems (including Linux) is the “uninterruptible sleep” state. This is a state that a process can enter when doing certain system calls. In this state, the process is blocked performing a sytem call, and the process cannot be interrupted (or killed) until the system call completes. Most of these uninterruptible system calls are effectively instantaneous meaning that you never observe the uninterruptible nature of the system call. In rare cases (often because of buggy kernel drivers, but possibly for other reasons) the process can get stuck in this uninterruptible state. This is very similar to the zombie process state in the sense that you cannot kill a process in this state, although it’s worth that the two cases happen for different reasons. Typically when a process is wedged in the uninterruptible sleep state your only recourse is to reboot the system, because there is literally no way to kill the process.
programming  reference  NFS  linux  system-calls  processes  operating-systems  development  systems-programming 
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Overview | 18F Engineering Hiring Guide
This guide covers the engineering selection process, from resume review to turning over a candidate to HR for an offer. The process surrounding the standard engineering hiring process varies depending on the hiring action used — but the standard process consists of: (1) The 18F Engineering Hiring team performs a resume review to determine if a candidate will be phone screened. The TTS Talent team then performs a specialized experience review of the candidate, ensuring they will be able to be offered the position should they pass the interviews. (2) The TTS Talent team schedules a phone screen with the candidate and a representative from the 18F Engineering Hiring team. The 18F Engineering Hiring team then determines if the candidate will be interviewed. (3) The TTS Talent team notifies the candidate of their selection, and passing candidates are asked to provide or perform technical pre-work. The candidate provides or completes the technical pre-work. (4) The TTS Talent team schedules the candidate for interviews with members of the Interview team. (5) The Interview team holds a debrief meeting to share information gathered about the candidate through interviews. (6) The 18F Engineering Hiring team meets with a representative from the TTS Talent team to perform final selection. Then, the candidate is provided to the General Service Administration (GSA)’s Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM) team, who performs the final review and extends an offer. (7) The candidate is always notified of the outcome of each determination step, either of a continuation of the process, selection for an offer, or declination. We hope that candidates will have a positive experience of TTS regardless of the outcome, and consider re-applying for future positions.
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Glial Cells - The University of Chicago | Coursera
And, in addition when synapses are formed,
the synapses are not or not maintained without some effort and
part of that is that the synapses are enveloped in the processes of Astrocytes.
So, there's a lot of structural and
metabolic support that the Astrocytes are providing for neurons.
And then there are these two different types of glia cells.
Both of these glia cells make myelin.
And the oligodendrocytes make myelin in the CNS and
the Schwann cells make it in the Peripheral Nervous System.
So all these demyelinating diseases will affect either central myelin or
peripheral myelin.
They will not affect both, central or peripheral.
Because they are made by two different types.
The Oligodendrocytes in the central nervous system and
a Schwann cells in the peripheral nervous system.
Now it turns out that this is about, Astrocytes can comprise about 20% of
all the Glia cells, and these Oligodendrocytes
comprise about 75% of the central glia cells.
The remainder are these microglia, and
microglia are the one exception to the rule that
nervous system, that the cells of the nervous system come from Ectoderm.
These are actually essentially immune cells coming from the blood lineage.
These are immune cells that have invaded into
the central nervous system and their job is to be quiet.
And if we're healthy and everything goes well, they are quiet.
But when there is a problem these microglia react,
they try to rectify things, they try and
bring some attention to areas of damage and
what is emerging is that sometimes they go overboard and
they start to participate in making the problem as well as solving the problem.
Microglia are a hot topic.
And  in  addition  when  synapses  are  formed  the  not  or  maintained  without  some  effort  part  of  that  is  enveloped  processes  Astrocytes.  So  there's  a  lot  structural  metabolic  support  Astrocytes  providing  for  neurons.  then  there  these  two  different  types  glia  cells.  Both  cells  make  myelin.  oligodendrocytes  myelin  CNS  Schwann  it  Peripheral  Nervous  System.  all  demyelinating  diseases  will  affect  either  central  They  peripheral.  Because  made  by  types.  system  Now  turns  out  this  about  can  comprise  20%  75%  remainder  microglia  one  exception  to  rule  come  from  Ectoderm.  actually  essentially  immune  coming  blood  lineage.  have  invaded  into  their  job  be  quiet.  if  we're  healthy  everything  goes  well  But  problem  react  try  rectify  things  bring  attention  areas  damage  what  emerging  sometimes  go  overboard  start  participate  making  as  solving  problem.  hot  topic. 
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GuillaumeGomez/sysinfo: A system handler to get information and interact with processes written in Rust
A system handler to get information and interact with processes written in Rust - GuillaumeGomez/sysinfo
rust  os  processes 
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Bash Script to Check How Long the High CPU/Memory Consumption Processes Runs on Linux |
ps -eo pid,user,ppid,%mem,%cpu,cmd --sort=-%cpu | head | tail -n +2 | awk '{print $1}' > /tmp/long-running-processes.txt
echo "--------------------------------------------------"
echo "UName PID CMD Process_Running_Time"
echo "--------------------------------------------------"
for userid in `cat /tmp/long-running-processes.txt`
username=$(ps -u -p $userid | tail -1 | awk '{print $1}')
pruntime=$(ps -p $userid -o etime | tail -1)
ocmd=$(ps -p $userid | tail -1 | awk '{print $4}')
echo "$username $userid $ocmd $pruntime"
done | column -t
echo "--------------------------------------------------"
linux  shell  CLI  terminal  bash  monitor  cpu  processes 
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The Real Thing on Vimeo
Using physical media (16mm, VHS) destroyed by Coca-Cola, “The Real Thing” contrasts the famous ad “I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke” with The Coca-Cola Company’s 2018 scandal: unconscionable water privatization in Chiapas, Mexico.

Coca-Colanol film developer was formulated with guidance from Dagie Brundert.

(Please note: “The Real Thing” critiques and transforms “I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke” and as such qualifies as Fair Use.)
film  coke  coca  cola  activism  alternative  processes 
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Home · Machine Box · Machine learning in a box
Now you can add state of the art machine learning features to your applications. Production ready Docker containers that you can run, deploy, and scale.

Now you can add state of the art machine learning features to your applications. Production ready Docker containers that you can run, deploy, and scale.

docker  machinelearning  image  video  processes  nlp  service   
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mac osx - OS X determine which application is accessing a HDD and preventing ejection? - Server Fault
If you should need to figure out which process is preventing you from ejecting a drive, it looks like you can use this Terminal command:

sudo lsof | grep /Volumes/External, where "External" would be the name of your external drive.

(Or another commenter mentioned the app What’s Keeping Me, which is a GUI app for doing the same.)
drives  external  mac  macos  osx  serverfault  2010  processes  terminal 
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