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Ahmad Sa’adat: Prisons, the Black Liberation movement and the struggle for Palestine
The political prisoner is not weak and is not broken, despite all of their best efforts. The responsibility of the political prisoner is to safeguard the flame. This is not a role that we have sought out or worked for. But now that we are in this position we must hold our position to set an example, not to our people, who are rooted and steadfast, but to the enemy, to show that imprisonment will not work to defeat us or our people. We carry a cause, not simply an individual search for freedom. Israel or France or the U.S. would free us, or Georges Abdallah, or Mumia Abu-Jamal, if we were willing to become tools of the system or betray our people. But instead, the prisons have generated striking examples of a culture of resistance, from art, to literature to political ideas.

Today, our movements and the revolutionary movements around the world are facing very difficult times. However, these difficult times can also hold value if we look more closely; we are paving the way for new generations of revolutionaries around the world who can still carry the demand for socialism, for people’s democracy, for an alternative world. In the era in which Newton wrote, movements and prisoners shared experiences and communicated through letters, books and art, often smuggled out of or into prisons, past censors and iron walls. Today, with all of the great revolutions in technology, political prisoners are struggling to have their words heard at all, denied access to even telephones to speak with our families and loved ones.
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After 17 years, Guantanamo still erodes U.S. commitment to the rule of law - The Washington Post
Peter Jan Honigsberg is professor of law at the University of San Francisco and founder and director of Witness to Guantanamo.

Jan. 11 marks the 17th anniversary of the opening of the U.S. detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Seven hundred-and-eighty Muslim men and boys were held in the prison, many for a decade or longer, and nearly all without charges. Forty men still languish in Guantanamo. President Trump has stated that he has no interest in shuttering it. Instead, he has suggested that he would like to “load it up with some bad dudes.”

The Guantanamo detention center has not been on most people’s minds in the almost two decades since it opened. In fact, after President Barack Obama said on this second day in office that he would close the prison within one year, many people thought he did. He never fulfilled his promise.
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Grayling under fire as serious crimes committed on parole soar by 50% | Society | The Guardian
Ex-justice minister’s probation reforms have led to huge rise in serious offences, data shows &! - Jail terms of six months or less could be scrapped, prisons minister suggests Rory Stewart says move could ease pressure on prison population that has more than doubled since 1990s
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