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100 Best Independent Magazines | InsideHook
How the indie magazine saved print, and where to get started
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2 days ago by fdedic Smooth-On XTC-3D High Performance 3D Print Coating - 24oz. Unit: Home & Kitchen

I would recommend saving yourself the effort and using something like XTC-3D for smoothing out layer lines instead of sanding. PLA and PETG are painful to sand, and ABS is painful to print.
xtc3d  3d  printing  smoothing  coating  print  smooth  coat  lines  layers 
4 days ago by 44sunsets
PRINT.PM | Daily inspiration for Print lovers.
PRINT.PM is a Tumblr blog about Print and Graphic Design. By MJTJ
design  inspiration  print  magazine  blog 
9 days ago by e2b
Herr und Frau Rio
Herr & Frau Rio ist das Münchner Risographiestudio. Mit unserer dem Siebdruck ähnlichen Druckmaschine drucken wir auf ökologische Weise mit tollen Farben auf feinstes Papier.
art  inspiration  design  print  shop  munich 
9 days ago by e2b
Safety Signs | Free Shipping & Free PDFs from MySafetySign
Search the web's largest library of safety signs. 40,000+ designs and custom safety sign templates. Orders over $9.95 ship free. Free sign PDFs, too!
11 days ago by neckro
Scientific Communication As Sequential Art
This page presents a scientific paper that has been redesigned as a sequence of illustrations with captions. This comic-like format, with tightly-coupled pictures and prose, allows the author to depict and describe simultaneously — show and tell. It is based on Watts and Strogatz's seminal Nature paper on network theory, shown to the right. This paper was chosen because it's accessible to a broad audience, and it's very well-written — already near the limit of clarity for just prose.
publishing  science  research  design  print  math  visualization  interactive 
12 days ago by basemaly
Hatch Show Print
Love the look of old time letterpress concert posters from bands like the Black Keys or Willie Nelson? Hatch Show Print in Nashville is one of the oldest letterpress shops in the U.S. to make concert posters and they were recently featured on the nightly news,
music  print 
13 days ago by JohnDrake
Pop Socket for a Quadlock case by guytc - Thingiverse
Multi-Function Mounts and Holder to use with a Quadlock case.
You can buy the ring on Amazon :
3d  printables  pop  socket  phone  thing  print 
13 days ago by jheady

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