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Device-Agnostic | Trent Walton
Trent Walton’s blog. Trent is a web designer and founder of Paravel
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4 weeks ago by aperfect
The Copenhagen Catalog
The principles were created by hundred and fifty humans in 48 hours at Techfestival in Copenhagen as the next step after The Copenhagen Letter.
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4 weeks ago by fdedic
An argument against using modals
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4 weeks ago by mycotn
Internet-era ways of working – Public Digital
An earlier draft of this list, stuck to the PD office door Our definition of digital says: “Applying the culture, processes, business models & technologies of the internet-era to respond to people’s raised expectations.” Once they’ve heard that, the next thing people always ask us is: “OK. But how? How do I make that happen…
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4 weeks ago by markboulton

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