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Your New Bicycle
A good essay on presidential candidates, the women who support them, and the way we look at men and women running for office. Great read.
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3 days ago by Brandonshire
(10) Last night I attended a meet and great with... - Patrick McCollum
atrick McCollum
March 17 at 8:50 AM ·

Last night I attended a meet and great with Tulsi Gabbard who is running for President. I am so honored to be able to help steer her campaign as she works her way into the primaries. As I shared early on, I have followed Tulsi’s work for some time time, but was concerned about a couple of things being said about her. My concerns were regarding statements that others had made about her participation in a conversion therapy program that her father ran many years ago, and a political ad that said that she supports Assad in Syria. After researching both, and speaking to Tulsi directly, I no longer have any concerns about either of these. It is crystal clear that Tulsi simply worked for her father when she was young as many people do, and that it was he, not Tulsi, who believed in conversion therapy and such. Tulsi’s father was a devout Catholic, but Tulsi is a committed Hindu, and support of diversity is her biggest platform. She sees all of life as sacred and honors each persons choice to be who they are. Her voting record clearly shows that, and she has a 100% rating from the Human Rights Campaign.

And as for supporting Assad, that’s ridiculous! Tulsi never said that she supports Assad.
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5 days ago by Quercki
Your New Bicycle-Beto, childcare, and the cool
There are other candidates in the race, whose stories and priorities look more like mine. Kirsten Gillibrand, who’s running on family leave, brings her children along to speeches and provides free childcare at her events. Elizabeth Warren, who’s campaigning on universal childcare, has spoken about the fact that her career would not be possible if not for the childcare she picked up from her aunt. She can get on stage and talk about being unable to afford child care, or unable to find a reputable provider on her budget, can remember the funny smell at the day care or mention her “then-husband’s” lack of help with an instantly legible glare.

But neither Gillibrand nor Warren has the option of being cool: Free, loose, unentangled. They can’t cruise through life, Beto O’Rourke style, on their bikes, haplessly falling into punk bands and/or the Presidency, surprised by yet accepting of their own charisma.
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5 days ago by Quercki
'The Case Is Finally Over': Charges Dropped Against All Remaining J20 Defendants
Charges against the remaining J20 protesters with no plea deals who were awaiting trial were dropped Friday with prejudice—meaning proscecutors can't try them again for the 2017 protest.

Hundreds of anti-Trump protesters were arrested on Jan. 20, 2017, for protesting the inauguration of President Donald Trump. The prosecution of the group—using felony charges against protesters and journalists—has been criticized by rights groups and failed miserably in court. Friday's ruling by D.C. Superior Court Chief Judge Robert Morin, which ordered the charges dropped with prejudice, shuts the door completely on the case.
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6 days ago by Quercki

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